3 Simple Tricks to Improve the Sound Quality of Headphones

There are a bunch of methods to keep yourself up to date with the latest music, but it is just as important to make sure your headphones can be the best versions of themselves, whether that be by just buying better headphones or making things work better by employing a few tricks that we’re going to be sharing with you in this quick blog post.

There are of course good earphones that make a difference in the sound quality you receive, as well as better files to download or otherwise use that can improve the experience. But there is more to what contributes to a pair of headphones’ performance than just the build itself. Here’s a few of those factors quickly summarised.

  • Consider Hardware Limitation

Consider Hardware Limitation.

Not all headphones are built to be versatile. There are a whole lot of things that play a role in what kind of sounds the headphones can render respectably well.

For example, earphones with big rubber cups to direct the sound may deliver more power and allow you to hear low frequencies and experience bass more intimately, but the mid-range frequencies often do not profit much from them.

The headphones usually perform OK in these frequencies, so luckily there is not usually a pressing need to look into the issue. But if there is, you might want to look for bigger headphones that can deliver a more surround-sound experience.

  • Consider Use Limitation

Consider Use Limitation

There are also peculiarities involved in how exactly you use your pair of headphones. For example, people wearing headphones over their heads when they’re meant to be worn from behind the head will experience a really dull sound quality.

This holds for the other way too. Similarly, people who have their earphone cords dangle from their earlobes often experience their earphones being yanked out by an inadvertent tug from their arm or mere friction with clothes.

This is often easy to solve; just wear your earphones from behind your ears (ie, give them a curl around the root of your ears and then plug them in). It can be difficult and uncomfortable for a lot of people however. Another solution can be to use wireless earphones, or look for models with ear fins that secure your headphones much better.

  • Try Getting Hardware Additions to Improve Sound Quality

Try Getting Hardware Additions to Improve Sound Quality

A pair of headphones once purchased is not beyond help. There are various gadgets you can pair them with to give them an additional boost in sound quality.

For example, a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) different from the oen your device already has (even the best devices have really average DACs). You can install one easily with instructions you can get on the internet, but you’ll be surprised how much crisper the sound is and how much more engulfing the sound will be.

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However, most people prefer to get a Headphone Amp instead and use that to get a boost in volume and quality. Other things we mentioned earlier, like ear fins, or a trick like turning the wire around your ear to prevent the buds from being yanked out can help as well, since they help you enjoy the full effect of your earphones.

These are just some tricks we found useful. The important thing to remember is that the music you listen to is not to blame; with a good pair of earphones, you can enjoy all kinds on genres and performances of all artists.

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So whether you listen to pop sensations like Justin Bieber or a maestro like Kenny G, whether you’re more into Classic American Christian Rock or prefer regional styles like Lebanese or Hindustani, a good pair of earphones can make things a lot more enjoyable. Use the tricks we shared to be engulfed in the amazing sound experience.

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