10 Hoverboard Safety Tips & Measures : All Precautions For Safe Hoverboard Driving

Follow these 10 Hoverboard Safety Tips & Measure while driving: When you’re floating a good inch (if not more) above the ground, you need to be careful. With Hoverboards, the primary concern in minds of users seems to be not falling over. But there is more to pay attention to than just that. For complete Hoverboard safety, the entire board and its parts matter.

So we have for you the perfect 10 Hoverboard Safety Tips & Measures

1. Helmets

hoverboard helmets

Wearing a Helmet is crucial. You need not put a motorbiking helmet on. But a cycling helmet is a bare necessity. With so many designs in stores, why even avoid it?

2. Padding

10 Hoverboard Safety Tips & Measures

Like with a helmet, the padding on your knees and elbows goes a long way to ensure your safety in case of a fall or a less anticipated mishap like a collision. Arm pads and knee pads are really inexpensive and can be purchased at any bicycle dealership. You can also wear these under your clothing, though wearing them over it helps in taking them off once you’re done riding and need an easy movement around at the joints.

3. Practice

Hovering an inch above the ground is new to you, as it is to everyone else. You’re going to fall a couple of times before learning the proper stance and balance, and getting a fair idea of how much pressure to apply either side to turn, go forward or back and to pick up speed. So better get those falls over with while you don’t have to go somewhere on your hoverboard, right? So practice as much as you can, and then some more. You’ll be fit to ride everywhere in no time.

4. Avoid Unruly Terrain

Hoverboard Safety Tips & Measures

For the first couple of days, you might want to avoid undulated terrain, like the grass in a public park or a town road. Getting used to driving the machine takes time. Afterwards too, you might prefer to walk through a construction site than zoom through it on your Hoverboard. You still need to retain use of your legs for walking.

5. Don’t overcharge batteries

Hoverboard Safety Tips & Measures dont overchage batteries

This is by far the most common mistake that new hoverboard users make. Do not leave your hoverboard plugged into the power overnight, or even otherwise for more time than it requires. The battery can deteriorate if it is plugged in for long hours even after it is full. This will eventually cause you to only be able to cover progressively shorter distances on a full charge. It can even cause your device to overheat and catch fire!

6. Take dents seriously

Hoverboard Safety Tips & Measures

A little paint chipping off due to some friction with the pavement or the wall is fine. You can wipe it clean or fill some nail paint in the spot to mask it. However, only scratches can and should be covered up. When you have a dent, it is to be taken seriously. Visit a service center or call a guy. Dents can be problematic depending on where they are. See if you can get some warranty to take care of the problem.

It is essential to keep your hoverboard safety in mind while riding. Are there any more Hoverboard Safety Tips & Measures you recommend following? Tell me in the comments below, and I’ll add it to the page so it can reach more hoverboard owners.

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