Beginners Guide For Laser Tag Guns – How to Use and Play

Laser Tag Guns Guide, A laser tag gun has sensors that come from a LED device or a laser. The laser emits beams of light. The beam of light targets a vest which usually has a mounted detector. When the gun is shot and the laser hits the vest it produces the ‘tag’ or ‘hit.’

These guns are used to play games for people of all age groups and for many different events. You can introduce the game to your colleagues in corporate events, to your friends, at a party, or a family event together with children and adults.

The laser tag game is the same as playing paintball but it is safer to play and nobody can get hurt; plus it is less messy. While playing paintball or air soft there is a lot of cleaning up to do; but a laser tag uses beams, making it cleaner and definitely the better option.

How a laser tag gun works? Complete Laser Tag Guns Guide

Laser Tag Guns Guide

  • Due to the fact that it uses beams and sensor detectors laser guns can be used both indoors and outdoors. This makes it fun to use while you are playing with a huge crowd and you can even add different challenges like blocks and hideouts to make it more exciting.
  • The beams are visible during the day even when the sun is out, very ideal to use at your own convenience.
  • It’s important know how to wear the sunband and how to loosen and tighten it to fit you properly. The sunband alerts the players that they have hit someone by lighting up
  • Because shooting the gun is the fun part of the game, the players have to master the different sounds the gun makes to detect different things throughout the game
  • The gun makes a different sound when a player is hit and when a player hits another person. Mastering the two sounds will enable the game to be fair and also enable your team to win.
  • The gun also makes another sound when it needs to be reloaded it’s very essential to know that sound too in order to reload fast in the midst of a high stake game
  • The gun also makes a different sound when a player is eliminated from the game

How to use a laser tag gun

Laser Tag Guns Guide

In order for the laser tag gun to work well and for the game to also flow well and be at its maximum fun it has to be used well.

The general rules of using a later tag gun are;

  • To not go beyond the maximum sensor and beam range
  • Not to prevent the sensors from working efficiently with your hand
  • Ensure that your sunband is not tightened beneath any form or clothing
  • Be careful not to constantly drop the gun or throw it in the air to avoid it from getting spoiled

Games for laser tag gun

Laser Tag Guns Guide

There are different types of games that can be played using a laser tag gun, such as;

  • Free for all
  • Immortal arena
  • Team elimination
  • Immortal arena teams

Now gather your friends and family and enjoy a game or two of laser tag! list of best laser tag guns


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