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Hoverboard Tips and Tricks for Safely Usage:  The best piece of tech in the market right now is the barrage of hoverboards. It’s the latest trend among everyone, be it students, young entrepreneurs or celebrities. Who wouldn’t want to ride a fancy scooter that only needs a few hours on charging to go long distances at an impressive speed and doesn’t need any effort on the user’s behalf other than a little pressure forward or backward?

That said, riding it can be tricky and certainly takes about a day to get used to, and more to stop tumbling over. All this time, you might experience some problems, like not knowing how long to charge the device, or how to get rid of the scratches you will inevitably end up within the first few tries. So here’s a shortlist of Hoverboard tips and tricks to employ to get a better hoverboard experience.

Don’t Overcharge The Batteries

Don’t Overcharge The Batteries

A lot of people plug in their hoverboards into the power supply and forget them for the rest of the day. That’s not a great way to charge if you want your batteries to last more than a few months. When you leave a battery plugged in even after it is 100% charged, it begins to wear out under all that charge. That can progressively lower how long it lasts (or how long you can take it) before dying out.

In fact, that is believed to be the reason so many people report hoverboards catching fire.

Don’t Charge Overnight

don't overcharge your batteries

Charging the batteries overnight might seem like the ideal option. But don’t be so sure. Assuming the average person sleeps about 6 to 8 hours, and most hoverboards charge completely in 3-4 hours, you’re effectively leaving the batteries plugged in twice as long as they need to. That’s not a great idea like we just said.

If you return home late and need to plug in your hoverboard to use immediately after you wake up the next day, plug the wire into the socket next to your bed. Set an alarm for 12 if you plug it in at 9, and you won’t have to get it out of bed to switch it off.

Switch Off  While Charging

Switch Off While Charging

Many hoverboards only have a charging indication working when the device is switched on. When the device is switched off, no indications are seen. As reassuring the flashing light can be, it is better to conserve battery while charging by switching off the device. You can get a charger with a light in the adapter instead, so you know the hoverboard is charging. You might be able to shave a neat 15-20 minutes from the time to full charge, and that can come in handy if you need to rush somewhere on the hoverboard.

Use Nail Paint To Cover Up Scratches

Hoverboard Tips and Tricks for Safely Usage

A lot of hoverboards come in metallic colours. When you scratch the paint on the sidewalk and want to restore it to its former glory, it can help to get some shiny nail paint in the closest shade you can manage to find. Simply dab a bit of it on the surface and hopefully, it should not be visible. If you’re feeling creative, you can even go ahead and make some graffiti, patterns or anything else you fancy on the board using different shades of nail paint.

Tips To Balance Easier On A Hoverboard

Hoverboard Tips and Tricks for Safely Usage

This is for those of you who find it hard to balance. You can buy heavier devices like Alienware’s amazing hoverboards to make it easier to balance. But if you’re stuck with the one you have, you can get on top of it taking support from the wall. And if you feel you cannot get a comfortable stance, try pushing your feet outward, against the boundary of the tire grooves with your feet on the platform.

I’m sure you know of more. Care to share them with the internet? Leave them in the comments below!sage

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