13 Cleaning Hacks and Tips to Ease Down Your House Cleaning Burden

It’s one WTF moment when your house is utterly messy and some guests have imposed themselves on you for a Sunday brunch. Unless, you’re a ninja, cleaning your place and setting everything out in order in such a little time is an absolute bear. The chores could vary, from doing the dishes to wiping off those stubborn stains on the carpet. Some tasks could be even more trickier, leaving you in a mad rush and desperate for some quick-fixes to cleaning the mess.

If you’ve been there and done that, you know how some cleaning tricks could have saved you a whale of time and effort. Well, to remedy all of that for the future and making those chores a cakewalk, we’ve curated a list of 13 cleaning hacks and tips you’d wish you had known before. Take a look!

1. Cleaning Sofa with Baking Soda

Cleaning Sofa with Baking Soda

Baking Soda is the holy grail for anyone looking to clean grime and gunk on the house furniture and other essentials. Your couch is no different a case either. Just sprinkle the baking soda on the couch and let it rest there for 15-20 minutes before vacuuming it out. There’ll be no dirt or grime left as a result. However, if there’s any speck of stain left, simply wipe it off with a clean, moist cloth.

2. Cleaning the Blinds on Windows

Cleaning the Blinds on Windows

Since blinds cover the windows, they’re caked with dirt and don’t make for a pleasing sight to look at. Vinegar is the solution here. Just create a mixture by adding vinegar to the water (both in equal quantities), dip a clean cloth (maybe, a sock) into it, and wipe down the dust off the slats. You’ll see the blinds going back to becoming the ‘new’ ones after completing the process. DIY Network wrote an awesome guide on How to Clean Window Blinds of All Types, From Vertical to Venetian that might interest you.

3. Cleaning the Wooden Surfaces

Cleaning the Wooden Surfaces

There’s no home without some pieces of wooden furniture and we’ve a trick up our sleeves to speed-clean them. Just as you know, the cup stains and water rings look the ugliest of all. To clean the wooden surfaces, fetch your hairdryer and blow it at an appropriate temperature on wherever you can spot the stains. Now, mop up the surface using olive oil. Spick and span!

4. Cleaning the Carpet Stains

Cleaning the Carpet Stains

Baking Soda to the rescue again! If your house carpet looks grubby and frowzy, all you need to do is sprinkling the baking soda wherever you see the stains and vacuuming them up. You’ll see great results immediately. Alternatively, you can also remove the stains by scrubbing baking soda and water. For a frowzy carpet, the most feasible mend is to iron it out and make the strands settle for a tidy appearance. You can use a carpet rake to remove hairs from the carpets or a squeegee for the same.

5. Cleaning Faucets

Cleaning Faucets

Bathroom faucets look the shabbiest of all, and specify your low cleanliness standards. Use lemons to make them look shiny and polished. Take a lemon, cut into halves, and rub a piece on a faucet for a few minutes. Wash it now to see the faucets shining as new.

6. Cleaning the Baseboards

Cleaning the Baseboards

Baseboards are lower parts of an interior wall, and generally white in color. That makes enough sense as to why they end up looking muckier and need cleaning once in a while. While brooming and vacuuming are the probable ways of dusting off the dirt on them, using a wet cloth or sponge is also an alternative. Just soak the cloth or sponge in a bucket of water, having a dab of detergent liquid, and start mopping. Once you’re done with it, use a dry cloth to remove the soap leftovers.

7. Cleaning the Cabinet Doors

Cleaning the Cabinet Doors

Cleaning Doors are the gunky cesspools of your kitchen, and if you haven’t paid attention to how deplorable they might end up looking, Now is the time. The secret to clean cabinet doors is baking soda unsurprisingly. Just mix one tablespoon of vegetable oil with two tablespoon of baking soda, and mix them well using a toothbrush. Now, apply the mixture and rub the stains off using the same toothbrush. The results will stun you. Sweet!

8. Cleaning the Shower Heads

Cleaning the Shower Heads

Shower Heads aren’t what we notice first we enter a bathroom. But, this doesn’t mean that they don’t require cleaning at all. Shower Heads collect gunk with time, and the best way to deal with it is Vinegar. Take a plastic sheet, create a small bag of it, so that it can hold the vinegar, and tie it around the shower head. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. The shower heads should look squeaky clean now.

9. Cleaning the Garage Floors

Cleaning the Garage Floors

Who thought a regular drink like Coca Cola could turn into so much of our advantage? Yes, Coca Cola can get the job done in a flip when the stubborn grease marks on the garage floor are an irritant. Just pour the bottle out on the stain marks and scrub them out. Later, remove the drink slops using a dry cloth.

10. Hiding the Scratches on Leather Furniture

Hiding the Scratches on Leather Furniture

Leather furniture look pretty and quite fuller if you don’t have much stuff for your room interiors. However, with time, it loses its sheen and begins to look dull. If you want to quick-fix your leather furniture before a party, we’ve a simple solution – shoe polish. Take a small amount of shoe polish on a brush and gently apply it on the spongy surface in a way that it looks natural. Wait until the leather absorbs polish and then, rub off the excess if any. A note to remember here is that you must choose shoe polish of the same color as that of your couch to avoid any untoward, even uglier results.

11. Cleaning the Bathroom Floor

Cleaning the Bathroom Floor

The bathroom floor is one of the many things you should regularly take care of. If left for days unattended, it cannot only cost you the cleanliness game, but also turn into a breeding ground for diseases. Out of all the ways, the quickest one is mop it using a mixture of baking soda and bleach. This will ensure that your bathroom looks spick and span for the service of your guests.

12. Picking Up the Broken Glass Pieces

Picking Up the Broken Glass Pieces

If you’ve broken a champagne bottle during the last night shenanigans or a crockery pierce by carelessly handling it, we’ve have the right recourse. Pick up a slice of bread and press it on the glass pieces. On removing, the pieces will stick to the bread surface and come off quickly. Simple.

13. Cleaning TVs and Computer Monitors

Cleaning TVs and Computer Monitors

Using a dry cloth is the most common method of using TV screens and PC monitors. Alternatively, people use paper towels too. However, there’s no better way of doing it than using coffee filters. The reason is that they wipe off the dust accumulating on the screen without leaving any fibres or scratches which a paper towel or a regular cloth would.

These are the best cleaning hacks and tips you must know for a well-kept house. If you’ve suggestions to add, let us know in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to tell us what you think about our posts and how can we improve them.

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