Gutter Cleaning- Step by Step Guide For Homeowners

Gutter cleaning is essential for every home owner to clean the gutters in their home every once in a while. This being a dangerous task, most people hire a professional company to do the task but with the right safety procedures, it’s very possible to do it yourself. You should use a gutter cleaning tool that keeps you from having to climb a ladder and even using your hands to grab the dirt and grime. Gutters should be cleaned at least twice in a year and at best four times in a year.

In order to decide on whether to do the cleaning yourself or seek professional help check on the status of your gutter. If is damaged, for example; loose nails and screws, has bends and breakage or gaps in the walls. then I would strongly advise to get professionals to clean.

Professionals will do the job better and faster, saving you money that you would spend on frequent repairs and buying of the equipment’s needed.

If you do however, decide to do it yourself, then there are important steps to for you to follow.

Gutter cleaning essentials.

Gutter cleaning essentials.

One of the main essentials of gutter cleaning is to have the right gear. The right gear will aid you to work easier and faster without being self-conscious about getting an accident;

  • Protective Eyeware–This will help protect your eyes from any thing that might fall on you
  • Protective mask—For your nose and mouth to protect your from any discomfort that may occur due to the smell from the gutter
  • Gloves—This will protect your hands from any cuts from sharp metals and also enable you to grab dirt and filth with no fear of infections. Or use a tool that you do not have to grab the product in the gutter.
  • A Safe Ladder – Using a ladder designed to carry your weight and sets securely against the house is essential. Or you could use a tool that is designed to reach the gutter without a ladder.
  • Old Work Clothes—This helps to protect your body thus it’s recommended to wear long sleeved shirts and pants.
  • Tight Fitting Clothes—loose clothes can get caught by nails and other objects and cause serious accidents
  • Sunscreen—you may have to be on the roof or outside for a long period of time thus it’s important to protect yourself from the sun. This will save you another trip to the clinic after you’re done.
  • Gutter Cleaning Tool There are many tools designed to make this job easier without getting on a ladder or hiring a professional. Go to this site for 8 of the Best Gutter Cleaning Tools.

Once you have all these things it’s time to begin cleaning.

Steps to gutter cleaning

Steps to gutter cleaning

A Gutter Cleaning Tool

  • Ensure you have a scoop to help you collect all the dirt, junk and debris rather than using your hands to do it. This is especially so if there is a flood of water which will make it impossible to see what you are collecting.
  • Most people go up to the roof with a tarp in order to put the garbage collected in. Well, as much as using a tarp is very essential, going up to the roof with it is one of the major causes of accidents.
  • Leave the tarp at the bottom of your ladder and drop the junk in it from the roof.
  • Once you’re done, flush out the gutter with your hose. This is because the remaining residue is small enough to be flushed out. Flush it out till only clean water is visible.
  • Then to finish it off, clean the gutter completely! You might want to put 50% bleach in a spayer to clean any mildew off the outside of the gutter.
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