Beginner’s Guide To Chainsaw Sharpening The Right Way

Even when you have a beat-up chainsaw, it can still be pretty easy to cut through most substances with relative ease. Such is the power and force in the average chainsaw. However, getting a proper finish and quick cut are entirely different things.

The best chainsaw is not necessarily a new one, but it definitely is a sharp one. Over time, with use, your chainsaw becomes dull. With the blades worn out, rusted or riddled with debris since previous use, you can have a hard time keeping your lawn tidy. Sharpening it takes care of it.

How to sharpen your Chainsaw?

sharpening chaisaw

To sharpen your chainsaw, first you need to have a good chainsaw sharpener, then you need to know what parts you need to file and how much.

A Chainsaw has several teeth around a chain that wound through the surface little by little. Going at the speed most chainsaws usually do, you can saw through a thick log of wood in a matter of seconds!

These teeth are what you need to sharpen. Do not bother yourself with polishing the entire belt or the bar. A Chainsaw’s teeth point both ways and are arranged alternately. Thus, you’ll have 4 orientations to move your file in. But don’t worry, it isn’t half as long as it can sound. There’s barely 4 or 5 teeth for each (depending upon your machine’s make, of course). You’ll be done in 5 minutes!

Tools to use to Sharpen your ChainSaw

Tools to use to sharpen your ChainSaw

The next step is to get yourself a good tool to sharpen your chainsaw. There’s a lot of options in the market, thankfully. Depending upon what method you prefer to use, how much time you have and your budget as well, there’s three options we’d like to recommend.

The common manual file. A round one will do. Ask your salesman at the hardware store for a little guidance. This is the best option for someone who thinks buying something specifically for a chain saw is wasteful.

Then, there’s the file with a guide. It costs a bit more, but it is helpful for beginners who struggle with keeping a proper 30-degree angle with the blade while filing. It might also come packaged with other chainsaw sharpening accessories as well.

If you’re serious about it all, I highly recommend the grinding stone accessory. It finishes grinding your chainsaw in a matter on seconds. All you need to do is fit your bar into the small box, turn on the saw and press at the top. Be careful of the sparks that fly out though.

Here’s a nice video to learn how to use the implements as well as how to safely operate a chainsaw.

Alternatives to sharpening a chainsaw

Trust me, you don’t want to have at logs with a dull chainsaw. It is slow and tiring. Plus, worn out chainsaws are also much more prone to accidents than sharp ones.

Despite how easy it is to sharpen your chainsaw, there are so many people who don’t want to do it, for whatever reason. There are options for them as well.

You can choose to buy a hand-operated chainsaw. You just pass the chain around the piece of wood and move it by hand through the handles. Your wood gets chopped in no time. And when the chain dulls, you can trash it and buy a new one. It comes at a tenth of the cost. The only problem is you can tire out using it.

Guide to Chainsaw Sharpening

You can use a traditional saw. Many models simply need you to replace the blade when it dulls. They come pretty cheaply too. It can cut pretty quick and smooth. The problem of putting in effort remains though.

The final option we have for you is using a wire pocket saw. It’s a really sharp piece of wire between two handles, and you operate it like a hand operated a chainsaw, except this, is lighter, smaller in size and works like a dream. Only be sure to test it out and practice, or you’ll keep getting frustrated with it getting stuck in the wood.

Or you know, you could hire someone for the chainsaw business.

So finally, you can see all alternatives chainsaws have don’t really match up to it in all the three benefits it offers; speed, efficiency and ease of use. For a machine that’s getting your work done so quickly and competitively, it is fair to spend some time sharpening it. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Here is a list of chainsaw sharpeners and the best picks:

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