Best Gardening Gloves of 2022 – Buying Guide and Reviews

Gardening gloves are important to keep your hands protected against the rigours of the job. They are sturdily built and versatile enough to help you go about your chores without hurting your hands.

But, with so many types available on the shelves, choosing an ideal one is next to never.

You might wonder, what’s all with the gardening gloves you see in the markets? We’ve reviewed some of them just to find that out.

This review list goes into the pros and cons of some of the best-said gardening gloves.

..and, lets you discover the right one for yourself.

So, go ahead and find what’s in the trove!

In light of the above, we have compiled a list of some of the best gardening gloves. These are gloves that stand out from the rest either due to their superior quality, durability, affordable cost, and so on so forth.

Premium Goatskin Leather Gardening Gloves With Long Gauntlet Cowhide Cuff

Garden Gloves Premium Goatskin gloves are ideal for both men and women. You can use these gloves for all garden-related tasks; pruning, yard work and a gardening tool. It protects you from pricks and scratches that may occur as you work in your garden. These gloves are sturdy enough to handle the brunt of tough tasks while giving you room to carry out your job to the fullest.

They are made of genuine high-grade leather and are made from quality goatskin to provide the protection you need while being flexible enough for you to use.

They are designed with long sleeves to protect your forearms from any unpleasantness. They have an ergonomic grip around the thumb to enhance your hold while you handle tools and shrubs. The stitching and glove design provides better mobility for your fingers. These gloves are uniquely designed for anyone with sensitive skin or with arthritis.

With these gloves, you can carry on tasks like pruning rose bushes, hauling bushes and pulling out poisonous or skin irritating plants due to their long arm length without experiencing any irritation or exposure.

The come with a long gauntlet which protects your arms to your elbows. The gauntlet is also made of premium leather to give you the added protection you need.

It comes with 100% money back guarantee. The price ranges from 20 – 40$ and comes in small, medium and extra small sizes.


  • Great fit
  • Keeps your hands and forearms protected
  • The leather is soft and makes it easy to use your fingers
  • Handle pruning and rose thorns well
  • Are of higher quality in comparison to other gloves


  • The sizes are quite large, you might need to go a size smaller to get the best fit

Terra Sol Garden Genie Gloves With Claws

Here we have Terra Sol gardening gloves with claws at the tips to enhance your gardening experience. They are quite flexible and comfortable to wear. They are sturdy and help keep your hands and wrists protected from any dirt, pricks and thorns. Each pair comes with one clawed glove which has four clawed fingers. It also includes one regular glove which comes without claws. The clawed glove helps you dig, rake, scoop and plant without using your gardening tools. The gloves are water resistant, all you need to do rinse off with water and dirt washes off easily.

The claws give you added versatility. You can dig soil, scoop twigs and rocks, spread mulch, soil, rocks while protecting your hands.
The price ranges from 10 – 15$ and it comes in one size which fits most.


  • They are thick
  • Cuffs are close fitting to keep the glove in place
  • Functional for all types of gardening work
  • All you to use your hands and rely less on gardening tools
  • Sturdy yet flexible enough to use
  • Light in weight


  • Claws might not be sharp enough to dig soil
  • Claws come with one glove, you might need to purchase claws for less dominant hand

Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves for Women and Men

These Pine Tree Bamboo Working gloves are unisex and are ideal for both men and women. They are made of soft and breathable bamboo. This helps absorb perspiration and it keeps your hands cool as you work in warm or humid weather. They come with a good fit and the fit like a second skin. They are suitable if you have sensitive hands and they are seamless thus enhancing your comfort. They prevent skin abrasions from handling thorns and handling tough shrubs. They also protect your nails as you work. For those who are environmentally conscious, they are made of bamboo which is a natural product which is grown in a safe environment without using any pesticides or fertilisers. Bamboo is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, great for all skin types. Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton or other natural plant fibres making it one of the most breathable materials available.

The gloves are sturdy and offer comfortable hand protection whatever the task. You can use them for jobs like gardening, fishing, restoration work and claiming tasks.

You get a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

The price ranges from 10 – 16$ and it comes in small, medium, large or extra-large sizes


  • They are comfortable
  • Breathable and keeps hands cool
  • They fit well
  • Can handle tough jobs well
  • Easy to wash
  • Dry quickly
  • Rubber grip helps grab tough shrubs


  • Might not wear too well if you are doing extremely rough tasks over a long period of time

G & F 15226M Garden Gloves, nitrile coated work gloves

These are nylon gloves which come six in a pack. It costs 8 – 10$ for a pack. These gloves are 100% nylon gloves which come with a nitrile coating shell. They are imported and come with one size fits most. These are typical best gardening gloves for women that come in assorted colours including purple, pink and green. It fits well and is quite comfortable, fits like a second skin. The price ranges from 9 – 12$. Women’s sizes come in medium and large while Men’s sizes come in medium, large and extra-large.


  • They are comfortable
  • Hand small thorns well
  • Have a good grip
  • Comes in a pack of six pairs which makes them handy
  • They are affordable
  • They are strong
  • Easy to wash and dry quickly
  • Come in vibrant colors


  • They don’t breathe as well
  • Fitting is quite small

Garden Gloves with breathable, Special Protective Coating Against Cuts

These gloves are all rounded; ideal for gardening, household work and more. A pack comes with two pairs upon purchase. It is suitable for both men and women. You can machine wash them and they are breathable, keeping your hands cool and free from sweat. They have a special coating which protects you from cuts or scratches while working. It comes with a free eBook and you get a money back guarantee.

The palms and finger of these gloves are coated with liquid resistant nitrile, providing a good grip when handling slippery or wet plants or items. It is made of nylon which keeps dirt out. It also provides a good grip when handling dry items and tools.

You can choose from white, grey or red gloves and one size fits most. The glove dimensions are 9 inches in length and palm width is 3.3/8 inches. They cost 10-20$.

These gloves are ideal for gardening, yard work and household work.


  • Easy to wash and dries quickly
  • The elastic wristband dirt from getting into the glove
  • Comfortable
  • Light in weight
  • Have a great fit
  • Have a good grip
  • Hands and palms protected from scratches


  • Might not be ideal for men with very large hands
  • Prevents scratches but not punctures

G & F 1852-3 Women Soft Jersey Garden Gloves

These G & F 1852-3 Women Soft Jersey gloves are made of 100% cotton. This makes it breathable and easy to clean. It comes in assorted colours and costs 5 – 10$. These garden gloves come in a unique flower design with PVC dots on the palms for added grip. The gloves have a knit wrist, making it fitting yet comfortable.

A pack comes with three pairs of green, blue and red gloves.

It comes in one size fits most.


  • They are quite warm, ideal for fall and winter
  • They are comfortable
  • Keeps hands safe
  • Prevents abrasions and calluses
  • Has a good grip
  • Flexible and easy to work with
  • Easy to wash and dry quickly
  • Sturdy
  • Ideal for light to average tasks
  • Lightweight


  • Size might not be suitable for all
  • Might not be ideal for very tough or strenuous work

Garden Gloves Women Premium, with Protective Grip and Breathable Microfiber with Touchscreen

These are ideal for anyone who has lots of gardening to do and are proven to be the best women’s gardening gloves. They are thorn proof and have great grip. They are made with double stitched quality microfiber which makes it breathable. It has a padded knuckle and palm area to give added protection to your palms and knuckles. It comes in one size fits most hands which is ideal for people who have medium and large hands. They are ideal for trimming, rose pruning, yard work, warehouse work and general tasks. They cost 10 – 20$ and come with a money back guarantee.

They are designed to be durable and take the brunt of any jobs you undertake. They provide protection while enhancing your comfort and providing flexibility. The gloves keep dirt out while protecting your hands. They have elastic around the palm which makes the fabric flexible yet fitting. They come in small, medium and large sizes.


  • They are sturdy
  • Flexible yet comfortable
  • Easy to wash
  • Wear well
  • Protect hands well
  • They are breathable
  • Have padded palms which provide extra protection
  • The tips have touchscreen enabled material, you can use your phone while gardening
  • They fit well


  • Working in very damp conditions might make the gloves damp
  • Sometimes thorns might penetrate the material

Bellingham C5371M Rayon Derived With Nitrile Palm Glove

The Bellingham rayon gloves come in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. They are made from 100% Rayon which is derived from bamboo. They are ideal for both women and men. It has a nitrile coated palm to keep water and other liquids out. They are made of a seamless knit which keeps hands cool and comfortable. The palm is made of textured natural rubber coating which protects hands and enhances grip. It costs 7 – 10$ and has a small fit. They are green in color.


  • Ideal for tasks like rose purning as these are the best thorn-proof gloves.
  • Material is sturdy
  • They have a great fit
  • They are easy to wash and they dry easily
  • They are comfortable
  • They are flexible


  • Might not be ideal for working in constantly warm/high temperatures since hands get hot and sweaty
  • Difficult to remove once hands start to sweat

Garden Genie Gloves with Fingertips Uniex Right Claws

The Garden Genie Glove with Uniex right claw is made in the US and fits like a second skin. It is durable and can take any tough or rough treatment while protecting your hands. It is waterproof and puncture resistant to protect your hands and typically the best gardening gloves to buy. It is designed to be breathable which helps keep your hands cool while you work. It protects your hands from dirty, abrasions and injuries while handling rough, thorny or heavy loads. One pair of the gloves comes with four claws which are made of ABS plastic. The claws let you dig, rake and plant without using your gardening tools while protecting your fingers. The gloves contain latex adding flexibility. They are easy to clean; just rinse off and dirt comes off easily.

It costs 5 – 8$ and one size fits most. Ideal for women, men and teens. It comes with a money back guarantee.


  • The claws make it easy to dig holes
  • Gloves are thick and sturdy
  • Easy to clean after use and dry quickly
  • Sturdy
  • They are breathable
  • They are quite comfortable
  • Provide adequate protection for hands and palms


  • Have an unpleasant smell while new

Inf-way Right&Left Handed Garden Genie Gloves

The Inf-way garden genie glove is European certificated and it is designed to meet all your gardening requirements. It fits like a second skin. Each pack has two pairs of blue nitrile glove and two pairs of purple nitrile hypoallergenic gloves. They have breathable nylon on the back to reduce sweating and keep hands cool. The hypoallergenic nitrile coating on the palms makes it ideal for all skin types and prevents liquids from penetrating the glove. They are light in weight and are Stretchable, one size fits most. They offer a firm grip despite rough working conditions and they keep dirt away from your nails. They are high-quality gloves designed to last. They are machine washable and dry quickly. They are also ideal for household chores, auto work and yard work.

They are also puncture resistant, making them ideal for any wedding or pruning tasks which involve thorns or sharp objects. The gloves protect your hands from dirt, impurities, cuts and shield you from any abrasions while doing any gardening or yard work.
It comes in one size fits most and it costs 10 – 30$.


  • Can handle many house, garden, farming and auto work well
  • Hands stay dry when the gloves are submerged
  • Have a great fit
  • They are comfortable
  • They are durable and sturdy
  • Long wearing
  • Makes digging easy
  • Puncture proof which is ideal for weeding and pruning


  • Might not be a good fit for people with very small hands

Tips on Buying Best Gloves For Gardening

Gardening can be such a joy; the fruits of one’s hard work can be seen in a thriving garden and yet, the toll on one’s hands can be evident. Without the right tools, you can get chipped, blistered and rough hands from working with gardening tools. To prevent this, one of the best solutions is to use gardening gloves.

Here are the factors you would need to consider when buying gloves;

Choose the glove material

Gloves are designed for gardening work yet they come in a wide range of different materials. Each material is suitable for specific tasks and comes with its intended usage. Cotton gloves are light duty gloves and help keep hands clean. Gloves made of jersey material are light duty and are ideal for tasks requiring dexterity. Jersey fleece lined gloves are light duty and use in cold weather. Leather gloves are ideal for carrying out heavy tasks like digging. For gloves with a leather palm patch, you can use them for medium duty tasks, help protect from blisters and provide added grip. Gloves made of suede or synthetic suede are medium duty gloves. Those made of terry cloth are light duty and absorbs sweat. Gloves made of bamboo are a medium duty, breathable and helps keep hands cool. Rubber gloves are ideal for mixing wet fertiliser and doing wet jobs.

Choose the glove style suitable for you

A gauntlet is a glove designed for working with thorny plants like roses, it protects your forearms. Pruning sleeves protect arms while pruning trees and shrubs. Double palm gloves help you handle sharp objects and give you more protection when carrying out heavy duty tasks. Grip-enhanced or latex dipped gloves are ideal for slippery or muddy jobs. Other gloves are made of flexible, form-fitting fabric with seamless tips which helps you carry out tasks like planting seeds. Some gloves are hypoallergenic and suitable for people with sensitive skin. There are therapeutic garden gloves which are close fitting and are aimed at reducing hand fatigue and preventing blisters.

Consider other jobs you have to do

These Gloves can serve multiple purposes. Factor in whether you will carry out household chores, yard work and general jobs and buy a pair of gloves which can help protect your hands while you carry out these jobs. Consider a medium duty pair of gloves which works great for gardening and other jobs.

Buy from a reputable store or trusted online store

Make sure you buy from a reputable and authorised hardware, home depot or trusted online stores. This ensures you buy legitimate products which are worth your money. If there is any mishap or the product doesn’t meet your needs or expectations, a genuine dealer will probably give you a full refund or replace your item, unlike other sellers.

Find the right glove for your hands

Getting the right fit makes a difference when you carry out your tasks. Gloves which don’t fit properly are uncomfortable and can cause calluses. If they are too large, they can slip off or can be caught in branches and edges. Small gloves can constrict your hands and cause cramping. It is a good idea to try on different sizes to find one which fits best. If purchasing online, you can take your hand measurements and compare them with a hand chart to find your correct glove size.

If you are still wondering why to buy them NOW !!!

Then  take a look at the video below:


Finding the best gardening gloves will go a long way in helping you carry out your tasks better while protecting your hands. Consider the fabric of the glove, the design of the glove, your hand size and measurements and the tasks you would like to carry out to guide you in buying the right gloves for your use.

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