10 Gamer Problems That Have Become Extinct in 2022

Have you been told that today’s games are not as good as the “classics”? Well here’s the truth. They are! If you’re used to gaming as it is today, chances are you’d find those classic games a pretty soggy affair.

Want to know what all we have better? Here’s a list of 10 problems that we gamers don’t have to deal with anymore!

Slow Internet

Slow internet

The number of times your game stopped to pant while the internet buffered the level detail ahead was just silly. The internet was shockingly slow a decade and a half before. So slow that half of the games we play today would probably take a month to properly download enough data to play for a week. If you can play something like Farmville online, you have advances in internet data speeds to thank, and your idle friends to blame.

Telephone Call Kills The Internet

Telephone Call Kills The Internet

This literally astounded my 5-year-old sister, who spends more time on the internet than I did at 15. “So you had to choose between talking to your friends and playing online?”

Yes, we did. And we grudged all our relatives for taking out the time to call us.

But hey, we had Yahoo Messenger too. We could text our friends whenever we wanted!

“You mean there was a time without messaging?”

Needing to go to the arcade

You didn’t have mobile phones. Video games came out in these closed shops called arcades, and you paid a few coins for an hour at the machine. That’s where all our pocket money went. We delivered newspapers, shovelled snow and raked yards for little sums of money so we could feed the arcade owner’s family. Of course, all of that is no more. Kids now rake yards to buy iPhones. There’s no game boys around either.

Being Called A Lazy Bum For Gaming


If you had a childhood like mine, chances are you were always reprimanded for playing your video games when there was homework to be done. Or playing video games in the class while the teacher was rambling about some war.

OK, so I guess that was not really a problem. But kids can play on their iPhones and iPads now, and they can’t confiscate your phones like they did game boys.

Taking away iPhones is like a violation of human rights these days! Plus, with the technology the present generation has, like these amazing gaming mouse you can get, it’s no wonder things are so easy for modern day gamers.

No Autosaving Progress

No Autosaving Progress

You didn’t really have your game saved every few minutes on its own. As recently as 2004, games like EA Games’ Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban had floating floppies you had to walk into to save your game.

Only when you manually saved a game did you get to continue from where you left off. If you just finished defeating a really tough boss and had your game crash before you could save it, you’d have to defeat it all over again. You don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Repetitive Concepts Of Games

Repetitive Concepts Of Games

I’m not saying there was no variety back then, but it is dwarfed looking at the variety we get today.

I mean you have games where you run through temples, crush candy, fight aliens and monsters, pet animals and do so much. Back then, you dropped bricks to make straight lines and fed snakes. Really, people should be grateful.



Arcades sucked because you had to pay money for every hour at the machines. You had to wait your turn and watch out for bullies while planning your strategy for the day.

There was a lot of money to earn through each kid. It’s so much more pocket-friendly nowadays. You pay a few dollars, and you can play the game as well as all the new competitions and updated levels it might spring at you for years after the purchase!

Having No Proof Of Scores

Having No Proof Of Scores

Scores were a big thing back then. They were your proof of your social competence. If you managed to earn a high score at your local arcade, you’d be hero worshipped till it was beaten.

But people could lie about making high scores. And you could also not be believed to be the one who put in that username. Now, you can take a screenshot and tweet it to the world.

Not really a big problem, but if you’re a gamer half as serious as me, high scores matter more than McDonald’s for me.

Broken Or Deadbeat Graphics

Broken Or Deadbeat Graphics

Ever played CS 1.6? Those were the sort of graphics we had to live with before MKX came out. Playing with see-through characters is an experience like none other. You new kids won’t know.

Reset On Winning

Reset on winning

There used to be a time when games used to end after you defeated the top boss. That was the goal, so it would be logical that you’d try. And once you won the game, you had nothing to do.

Of course, you could go through the game from the beginning, but it didn’t have the same excitement and challenge.

Today’s games don’t really end. If the story mode finishes, you always have PVP and daily challenges you can beat, and that gives you the scope of entertainment for the rest of the time.

A lot has changed since gaming first became the norm. There’s a nostalgic value in the old games, no doubt. But the changes have all been for the better. Even if they don’t appear important individually.

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