13 Crossbow Tips That Every Deer Hunter Needs to Know

A crossbow is a simple tool designed for deer hunting. It’s a bow attached to the wooden stock which is vertical on the horizon. It’s quite easy to use a crossbow. The states in which hunting is legal, their crossbow is the most preferred tool for hunting. It is suitable for both professional and amateur hunters.

If you are a beginner in hunting and want to try your hand on crossbow for deer hunting, there are certain numbers of tip you must take to the account before purchasing one.

Here are some useful tips which you must consider before buying a crossbow for deer hunting:

1. Buy according to your physical strength

Buy according to your physical strength

There is no limitation of using a crossbow. A person of any sex, age, height, or weight can use a crossbow. There are different types of crossbow available on the market. Picking a heavier crossbow than your weight is not the right choice. If you are not sure about what size and weight you should pick, try crossbow multiple times before purchasing. Keep trying till you get confidence in yourself. Try various crossbows and pick the best suitable. Always try a lighter crossbow than your capabilities, so that you can easily handle it at crucial times.

2. Crossbow cocking

Crossbow cocking

Cocking your crossbow can be a tough task if you are trying it for the first time. Most of the crossbows come with cocking tools for amateur hunters. There are multiple types of crossbows available which have different cocking options, one can choose the easiest one. Below is a video on how to cock crossbow:

3. Check Broadheads and Bolts

Broadheads and Bolts

The heavier bolts penetrate and provide a good downrange, this makes hunting much easier. There is a wide range of bolts and broadheads to choose from, so choose the heavier one. Also, check the length of broadheads in your user’s manual. Study your crossbow and decide which one will be compatible with your device.

4. Decide your budget first

Decide your budget first

The features increase as the range of crossbow goes up. The basic crossbows start from $399 and the professional, feature-rich crossbows cost starts from $2500. The entry-level crossbows are very plain and simple to use on the other hand professional ones come with tons of accessories. So one should make his/her mind before entering the market to purchase crossbows.

It is advised to test several models of the same cost so that you can easily pick the best in your budget. Also, specify your budget to the salesman so that he can show you the most advanced crossbow without putting a load in your pocket.

5. Consider the renowned manufacturers

Their market is full of crossbow manufacturers, it’s difficult to judge just by name. Make a thorough search of manufactures and research pros and cons of each. Additionally, always rely on the certified makers. If you haven’t researched manufactures before buying a crossbow, ask your salesman to describe the manufacture and features of the tool.

The moment you hold a crossbow in your hand, you can easily check its quality. If the bow is not properly configured or any part is looking low-quality, don’t buy one just because of being low-cost.

6. Speed, noise and weight matter

Speed, noise and weight matter

The speed should be around 300 to 380 meters, this is a perfect range for an efficient shoot. The advance crossbows include cams, heavier limbs, and increased power stokes. So, must check the speed before buying the crossbows.

Noise level is the biggest concern for most of the buyers. Manufacturers try to improve the noise level but if your crossbow doesn’t have the best noise, try using dampening kit or other tools.

The heavier recoil makes shooting difficult and affects the range of shoot, so better buy the crossbow with fewer recoils. A heavy recoil means heavy crossbow which is hard to handle and affects the accuracy level of the shoot.

Test speed, sound, and weight of the crossbow by shooting different targets several times.

7. Balance is important

Balance is important

If the crossbow is difficult to balance, you going to lose your target. To test the balance, stand straight and try shooting.. The reverse draw cross back is much effective than the normal one because it’s far from the shoot which becomes easy to balance.

8. Use it Carefully

The crossbow should be handled with a lot of care because negligence can be dangerous for you as well as others around you. One should carefully follow the rule and guidelines while using a crossbow. First, point the crossbow at the blank site and never point it towards a crowded place or the place which is not targeted. Also, keep it away from children as it’s not an instrument to play with.

9. Practice is important

Practice is important

Crossbow is no less than firearms, It should be targeted carefully which is not possible without practice. Real world practice will let you gain mastery with your crossbow so that you wouldn’t face any complication while shooting.

10. Know your skills

Make real expectations while shooting. Do not make unrealistic expectations because it can lower your confidence. Likewise, test your abilities and range before shooting target which is possible with practice only. People think the range of a crossbow is equivalent to the rifle but there is a slight difference which matters a lot. So be sure about your range and capabilities before shooting.

11. Play Safe

Play Safe

Before pulling the trigger remove all obstruction which can interfere with the bow and target. Follow all basic rules and the most important thing to take care of is: never leave your bow loaded. Also, wear harness before making a shoot. Lancasterarchery wrote a wonderful guide explaining the safety tips while using crossbow, this may also interest you.

12. Choose arrows carefully

The success of your shot depends upon the selection of your arrow. The weight, diameter, and specifications of arrow make a large difference. Let your salesman decide an arrow for your crossbow because they are more experienced. Also, store your arrows in the proper place because a damaged arrow can affect your performance.

13. Don’t make things complicated


Do not experiment with your crossbow for the sake of entertainment. Modifying a crossbow is not at all recommended, especially to the novices. The manufacturers spend their time, experience and consider every small aspect while designing a crossbow, so a little twist can ruin everything or can be dangerous.


Using crossbow is a great responsibility. If you own one, use it carefully, maintain it properly and study it thoroughly. One should follow all basic rules and limitation for the sake of lives. Crossbow is not a thing to play around. Also, hunting is entertainment if done carefully, otherwise it can be life-taking. So, read all tips carefully before planning a deer hunting trip.

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