How to Choose the Best Pool Covers in 2022 – Beginner’s Guide

Best Pool Covers: For pool owners, pool covers are an essential accessory to have. Pool covers aid in keeping out dirt, debris or algae; they are also safety measures for children.

Pool covers also help to keep your pool safe if you have traveled and are away from home. They are also important during stormy weathers that could result in trees falling or roofs coming apart.

Always ensure that your pool cover is the right size for your pool to avoid it coming apart when you are not around.

 Choosing the best pool covers

In order to choose the best pool cover for you, let’s look at the options available;

#1.Mesh safety covers

Best Pool Covers

  • Mesh safety covers are fairly light, making them the most manageable of the covers. They are able to prevent leaves and debris from falling into your pool when it rains. However, it won’t prevent rainwater from passing through.
  • It also helps to keep the sun’s rays, which aid in the growth and spread of algae; a mesh cover is your best option when the pool is not in use.
  • The only major con of mesh covers is that they often trap dirt, leaves, snow, and other debris which makes make them heavy and cave in. Thus, it’s important to clean and brush the cover often. If you’re away from your pool for long moments, instruct someone to brush the debris for you.

#2. Automatic pool covers

  • These pool covers are very easy to use and don’t even require more than one person to put it together, with just a touch of a button the pool is safely closed and protected.
  • The major con of these covers is that they’re very costly, making them the most expensive of all the covers. They’re also only designed for square and rectangular pools; too bad if you have an oval or round pool structure.

#3. Pool safety nets

  • This safety net is different from other types of covers and usually anchored on the sides of the pool.
  • The main aim of this cover is to keep children away from the pool and to prevent accidents or drowning.
  • The disadvantage however is that it might not be able to completely keep away algae or tree branches from falling in the pool.

#4. Solar pool covers

Best Pool Covers

  • This is the least expensive way to cover your pool. It’s one of the most ‘old school’ type of pool cover and its benefits include trapping heat in the pool. It also keeps away leaves, debris and algae from falling in the pool.
  • The main con of the solar pool cover is that it’s not safe and had had a track record of causing a lot of accidents and drowning of children.

With this information, you can now pick your preferred pool cover based on your budget and personal preferences. And of course, your safety and that or those around the pool must be considered; opt for a cover that can keep off little children from falling over.

All the best!


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