10 Best Oil Filters in 2022 To Buy For You Automobile: Reviews and Guide

Plenty of attention goes to the various types and brands of oil and oil additives we all use, but the actual oil filter itself sometimes gets put on the back burner for whatever reason.

Oil products are certainly important, but the filter is actually the product that’s doing all the work, making sure to keep the oil and your engine clean for the duration of its use.

With that said, it’s just as critical to purchase the best oil filter for your vehicle and driving needs as it is for the oil itself. When paired correctly, you can achieve better engine performance while driving, and also protect your engine and its condition for the long term.

There are a ton of different oil filters currently available, and it can be tricky finding the one that’s best for you. We’ve analyzed and examined a number of different filters and types, settling on the 10 top rated oil filters for 2022 listed below.

Best Overall pick!

Purolator PBL14610 PurolatorBOSS Premium Oil Filter

Best Overall: PuraltorBoss Premium Oil Filter

 The PuraltorBoss Premium Oil Filter offers a lot of performance and protection for a minimal price, providing many of the same design and features found on filters costing two to three times as much.

We were sure to include numerous types and intended uses, so as to cover many different engines, vehicles, and driving conditions.

Before buying, please note: Even though most of these filters can be used in many different vehicles, there are still some that won’t pair up with them.

The best oil filter depends upon the vehicle’s specifics you’re dealing with, but in terms of overall performance, we find PurolatorBoss Premiump to be the best product. Bosch Premium FILTECH comes at a close second place. Detailed reviews can be found below.

When deciding on a purchase, be sure to consult your manufacturer for compatible models, or use the handy verification tab at the top of the page on the Amazon listings. There, you can enter in your specific year and model, and the tool will tell you if the filter will work with your stock engine or not.

Oil Filter Reviews 2018

Product NameParticle SizeWeightBuy

PurolatorBoss Premiump

Very Small

6.4 Ounce

Buy Now

Royal Purple Extended Life

25 micron

12.8 Ounce

Buy Now

Bosch Premium FILTECH

20 micron

7.2 Ounce

Buy Now

K&N PS-7000 Pro Series


0.8 Ounce

Buy Now

Mobil 1 Extended Performance

25 micron

4 Ounce

Buy Now

WIX Spin-On


6.7 Ounce

Buy Now

Motorcraft FL820S Silicone Valve


13.8 Ounce

Buy Now

ACDelco PF2232

20-25 micron

17.6 Ounce

Buy Now

K&N Performance Wrench-Off


13.4 Ounce

Buy Now

FRAM PH4967 Extra Guard Spin-Off


4.8 Ounce

Buy Now

Best oil Filter for Synthetic Oil: PurolatorBoss Premiump

Purolator PBL14610 PurolatorBOSS Premium Oil Filter

The core of this filter is a high-density synthetic blend media that removes 99% of dirt, and can optimize engine life up to 10,000 miles, which is a step up from the typical 5,000 mile mark.

All of the filter’s parts are made using high-end materials, which includes a silicone anti-drain back valve, and all-metal bypass valves, a metal center tube, and the filter’s end caps. The filter’s center tube is a double-helix design, which gives the engine ideal oil flow levels during driving.

The filter’s anti-drainback valve is made to last longer than the typical nitrile material, in order to protect against dry starts and oil leaks. Installation and removal is seamless thanks to a durable, PTFE-coated gasket.

The PurolatorBosss is better when used with synthetic and high mileage oils, as opposed to track-ready, high-performance engine, so keep that in mind. For typical stop-and-go traffic, and other daily conditions, it’s hard to beat the value offered with this filter. PurolatorBoss worth calling one of the best oil filters on the market that you can buy right now.

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Best Oil Filter for Cars: Royal Purple Extended Life

Royal Purple Extended Life Oil Filter

Royal Purple hasn’t been around nearly as long as some other oil product manufacturers, but they’ve quickly shot to the top in terms of premium quality, as their name is now synonymous with the best there is to offer off the shelf.

The Extended Life filter is the only one they make, and it’s available for a number of different automobiles and engines. Coincidentally, they seem to be committed to the actual filtering aspect of oil filters, as this one is superior in regards to blocking sediment and particles.

This product is unbeatable when it comes to particle removal. The filter’s media is 100% micro-glass, and provides a 99% filtration efficiency at 25 microns, which is as good as it gets.

The thicker, heavier shell material is exceptionally strong, and offers added security against puncture. The bypass valve has been made to facilitate proper oil flow in situations of restricted filter element flow.

A nitrile rubber base gasket ensures a leak-free seal, and is also lubricated to reduce torque during both installation and removal. The filter’s housing can take on a higher amount strength than standard filters as well.

Even more impressively, the Extended Life’s silicone anti-drain back valve helps to stave off dry starts by preventing oil drain back i the event of a shutdown. The silicone material is also equally performance-worthy in both hot and cold temperatures.

The Royal Purple Extended Life oil filter may cost more than standard filters, but we think you’ll find the added expense more than worth it, as it preserves the value of your auto, and avoids costly repairs down the road, all while maintaining peak performance.

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Best Overall Oil Filter: Bosch Premium FILTECH

Bosch Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

Bosch is no stranger to the oil filter industry, as they’ve been at it since the 19th century and is one of the best oil filter brands. They continue to be one of the most popular manufacturers in the world, and the FILTECH is a big part of this equation.

The FILTECH uses a blended media that has an excellent 99.9% filter efficiency, sporting a mixture of cellulose and glass materials to accomplish this rate. Particle as small as 20 microns will get filtered out of an engine’s oil, and the media is nearly 42% thicker than standard medias.

A metal spiral-wound enter tube lies at the heart of the filter, boosting internal strength for added strength and durability, a worthy companion to the large 14 gram capacity of the filter’s media.

The build quality is solid as well. The filter has a silicone anti-drain back valve, along with a metal bypass spring minimizes against dry starts, and won’t let the filter dry out. A relief valve prevents the oil from being restricted, while also encouraging optimal flow at all times.

The filter’s gasket is pre-lubed, so the installation is a little easier, which is always appreciated.

Overall, the Bosch Premium FILTECH oil filter provides brand name performance and protection for an economical price. If you’re partial to Bosch products, or even if not, you can’t go wrong with this filter.

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K&N PS-7000 Pro Series

K&N PS-7000 Pro Series Oil Filter

K&N is a favorite among car enthusiasts and weekend mechanics as an aftermarket filter. You’ll find these on everything from the racetrack, to big rigs on the interstate. The PS-7000 is one of the company’s cornerstone products, and continues to be a top seller.

The PS-7000 uses high-flow media inside to trap a high percentage of contaminants and particles, along with a large retention rate that allows for longer use in between filter changes, often up to 8,000 miles.

The high-flow design of the pleated media also ups engine performance by minimizing oil filter restriction. The PS-7000 has been engineered to be compatible with all grades of synthetic, conventional and blended motor oils, so it works with most models and makes.

A nitrile rubber gasket prevents leaks, letting the filter operate at peak levels at all times, protecting the oil flow under conditions. The PS-7000’s fluted canister shape allows for removal with a traditional oil filter wrench.

For those that want a boost in performance and the typical K&N longevity and durability, the PS-7000 is an ideal choice, and it fits a wide range of autos.

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Best High Mileage Oil Filter: Mobil 1 Extended Performance

Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter

No surprise that Mobil 1 makes this list. As one of the world’s most used oil manufacturers, it’s a logical conclusion that they excel in the filter department as well. As the name suggests, the Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter is made to last a substantial amount of miles, enabling drivers to go longer in between oil changes and services.

This can come in especially handy for those that drive long distances on a regular basis. When using a standard filter, the need for oil changes and service can come way too often. This product specifically addresses that.

The Mobil 1 Extended Performance Filter uses synthetic media on the inside, which attains a 99.6% efficiency, and can trap particles as small as 25 microns. The unit can also withstand up to nine times the standard operating pressure, which comes out to 615 Pascals per square inch.

Perhaps more importantly, the filter has a massive 28 grams of capacity for contaminants, giving it a 15,000 mile maximum life that will come in handy for frequent drivers. This is up to three times the normal filter capacity.

The filter also has a premium silicone anti-drain back valve, which prevents dry starts by getting rid of internal leaks during shutdown. As expected, the filter’s metal bypass valve ensures ideal oil flow in the event of a clog.

Simply put, this is a good oil filter for long distance drivers, or anyone that wants maximum mileage in between oil services. The extra price is offset by the extended life of the filter, so you can buy with full confidence that you’re still saving money and protecting your engine.

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Best Truck Oil Filter: WIX Spin-On

WIX Spin-On Oil Filter - Copy

Wix has made a name for themselves by focusing on oil products and air filters, making them a favorite among drivers that do a lot of highway driving, and deal with extended idle times in heavy city traffic on a regular basis.

The Wix Spin-On Oil Filter is geared towards regular and lighter trucks, and is also a favorite among some off-road motorcycles and ATVs as well.

The filter’s synthetic media has an overall area of 55.5 inches, and can trap 99% of particles, right down to the smallest sediments that would otherwise inhibit filter and engine performance. The filter has a wire-backed scaffolding of sorts that helps the unit retain its shape over long periods.

The filter’s nitrile sealing gasket is actually hydrogenated to improve durability during extreme temperatures, which is far superior to conventional rubber gaskets that get dry and crack over time.

A steel base plate provides even more durability, along with metal caps and a metal center tube. The filter’s bypass valve is made of metal, as opposed to the cheaper plastic versions you’ll sometimes encounter. The anti-drain valve is constructed from high-grade silicone.

Wix Spin-On filter offers drivers a great value, and expanded use that makes it suitable for a number of different engines. If you need some added protection and performance for more demanding driving in hotter temperatures, this is an excellent choice.

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Best OEM Replacement Oil Filter: Motorcraft FL820S Silicone Valve

Motorcraft FL820S Silicone Valve Oil Filter - Copy

Motorcraft is a preferred replacement oil filter for all Ford vehicles, which includes Mercury and Lincoln as well. Not only is the FL820S high in quality, the product is one of the most economical around, costing you less than a cheap value meal at a fast food joint. And fortunately, it performs well above the price point.

The filter uses cellulose media on the inside, giving it an efficiency of 93% in terms of catching particles and sediment that may otherwise enter your engine. A 12 gram capacity isn’t the biggest you’ll see, but for normal driving and maintenance schedules, it’s perfectly fine.

On the outside, the filter has a steel ironed case that has been painted to reduce rust and corrosion. It can be easily removed in a matter of seconds for those that prefer to do their own oil and filter changes

The bypass valve of the FL820S has a different design from the typical dome style. This one is threaded, which is more efficient at blocking any dirt in the media from entering the oil flow in the event it’s needed.

If you drive a Ford vehicle, or any other compatible engine, and want to spend the least amount of money while still getting peak filter performance in standard driving environments, the Motorcraft FL820S is perfect for your needs.

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Best Diesel Truck Engine Oil Filter: ACDelco PF2232

ACDelco PF2232

Large diesel engines for professional trucks have a different set of needs from conventional engines, and the ACDelco PF2232 is up for the challenge. As one of the most popular truck engine oil filters, this product offers all the aspects one needs for larger engine requirements in more demanding settings.

The filter uses a cellulose media that captures particles 1/3 the width of human hair to help provide a clean supply of oil to the engine’s components at all times. It has a 98% filtering efficiency that captures 25-30 microns, the ideal level for diesel truck engines.

The PF2232 also uses a thermosetting adhesive seal to hold the filter’s media perfectly in place for a more consistent and dependable filtration action at all times.

The filter has a very high capacity that is tailored for long range driving, along with consistent flow management, and a overly durable design that withstands a variety of tough conditions.

In addition, the PF2232 has a burst-strength that is five times greater than most engine oil operating pressures, for enhanced durability and peace of mind.

If you operate diesel engine trucks, and need an oil filter that has been tweaked and fine-tuned over the years to deliver all of the characteristics one needs on a daily basis for peak engine performance and protection, the ACDelco PF2232 should be at the top of your list.

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Best High Performance Oil Filter: K&N Performance Wrench-Off

K&N Performance Wrench-Off Oil Filter

This particular K&N filter caters towards those who demand a high amount of performance from their engines, often for faster cars, amateur track situations, or maximum output for larger engines in trucks, and even ATVs and motorcycles.

The K&N Performance Wrench-Off uses cellulose media to block particles and sediment. It has a lower capacity than what’s found in many other products, but this does allow for a higher flow rate that’s best for heavier oils often used for racing and such.

Still, the media has an efficiency of 99%, and is roughly 94 inches in surface area. Despite the lower capacity, you can still depend on the filter to catch most any sediment or particles from entering the oil flow.

The filter uses a silicone anti-drain back valve, along with a spring metal bypass valve. The end caps and center tube are metal, which is a big upgrade over the standard plastic and cardboard found in cheaper models.

While the K&N Performance compromises on capacity and efficiency to some extent, the overall design and flow rates are unmatched for high performance oil filters that favor synthetic, heavier oils. If that’s you, this is the filter you need.

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Best Cartridge Oil Filter: FRAM PH4967 Extra Guard Spin-Off

FRAM PH4967 Extra Guard Spin-Off Oil Filter

FRAM is yet another well-known manufacturer of oil products, often catering to those that prefer to do the work themselves, this appreciating quality design and materials up close during the process.

FRAM has a long line of oil filters, but we decided to go with the Extra Guard series due to its mass appeal and widespread popularity. Designed for typical oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, the PH4967 is an affordable and efficient filter that is great for the average driving conditions.

The filter’s media combines ideal capacity and efficiency, topping out to 95% of particles and sediment trapped from the engine’s oil flow. The capacity is large enough to hold everything in between conventional oil changes, and encourages a faster flow for an uptick in performance as well.

A Sure Grip coating on the outside gives the filter a non-slip finish for easier installation and removal, which is a nod to the weekend mechanics that don’t mind getting a little dirty under the hood. An internally lubricated sealing gasket contributes to the easy and quick filter removal.

The filter is designed with a precision coil spring and glass fiber reinforced nylon poppet relief valve for added protection.

If you are looking to stock up on some high quality, basic filters to have on hand for your home oil changes, the FRAM PH4967 is the best route to take.

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Why are Oil Filters Important?

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine, and is used to lubricate all the moving parts that are used to cause the engine to propel the vehicle. Due to the mechanics of an engine, the oil needs to be free of any sediment and dirt as it makes its way through the engine and back.

Oil-filters serve as the gateway, allowing the oil to pass through as it makes its way through the engine.

The filter is responsible for controlling the flow, but more importantly, filtering out any sediment that may find its way into the oil flow along the way.

These filters continually keep the flow maintained, while simultaneously trapping dust, dirt, and any other sediment that may otherwise make its way into the oil flow, and then into various engine parts.

Keeping the oil cleaner leads to better engine performance and life, while helping to avoid expensive maintenance issues as well.

By general rule, oil-filters need to be changed out with every oil change, so they should be purchased alongside your oil, or kept on hand at home for when you need to do the oil change yourself.

Many that prefer to have a mechanic do the oil change still like to choose the best oil filters on their own, and supply the mechanic with the part when the time comes.

There are lot of oil filter comparison study , oil filter comparison charts of some best filters given on internet. You can use them to have judgement of which filter is best your car and for your budget.

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