Best Genres Of Music To Listen While Eating Food

There are hardly any bad genres of music. I can sit through hours of Indie music as well as Jazz, Broadway classics and even music with dark themes. However, most music lovers don’t bother about the utility of music in health. But there’s more music can do for you than just entertain you.

It’s no secret that food influences our mood and habits. We have different music preferences for when we’re sad, optimistic, in love or angry. Consider how you don’t feel very hungry when you’re seething with anger, and how your relationship to fast food changes when you miss your ex.

Music is very capable of making us feel emotions. So it is very logical to conclude that what tunes we listen to is very much capable of influencing not only how we feel, but also how we experience eating and how we enjoy it.

It’s no secret!

Whenever one speaks of listening to music to eat better, it is always taken as a tinfoil hatter’s LSD hallucination. But it isn’t. In fact, the effect of music on food preferences and habits has been well documented and researched.

For example, it was found that French wine sold better at a supermarket when an in-store display played French music. Similarly, German wine outsold French wine when the music played was German!

litening music while eating food

It is evidence enough to understand that our choices can be influenced by what information we’re sensing from the environment, even though those senses aren’t directly involved in the experience.

Just like supermarkets, restaurants too can use the same trick to get people to eat more heartily and earn them better profits. Plus, every sort of restaurant has their own kind of music.

When I think of an expensive, upscale restaurant, I instantly think of melodies being played on the violin. When I imagine a beachside restaurant, an important part of the image is the local radio station playing over a set of speakers.

The best music to listen to while eating different foods:

There’s no doubt you’re going to enjoy food even more if you can get into the mood. So listening to music that matches your heartbeat can help you enjoy comfort food more.

Taking shots is easier with loud DJ tracks playing as compared to a somber classical piano. Here are some suggestions you can try out while eating different cuisines.

Music to listen to while eating Indian food:

Order take out? Or maybe you got into the mood and cooked a mouth watering curry with tofu and green peas. And of course, lots of spices, for that touch of electricity Indian food is known for.

The striking thing about Indian flavors is that the most conflicting ones go well together. Imagine eating shallots and coconut cream in the same preparation!

indian food

The ideal choice for your chicken tikka masala and rumali roti bread might be some Electro Dub Indian Classical music. Or you could just go traditional and play some Bollywood hits.

Music to listen to while eating Japanese food:

The flavors of raw meat are a lot more enjoyable with some raw feelings expressed over music. My personal recommendation is to try country music, like the early songs by Taylor Swift, or Billy Cyrus.

It might be a weird combination, but it feels amazing if you have the right sushi platter and the right track coinciding.

Music to listen to while eating Dessert:

Ok, I have so many recommendations for this. Maybe because I eat too much dessert and my earphones are constantly plugged in. Anyway, you should really try listening to Hozier, because his voice is melted chocolate.

If you’re eating your feelings after a breakup or an especially sucky day,   I recommend low-fat chocolate and switching from sad Adele tracks to empowering songs by Katy Perry. 

Music to listen to while eating burgers:


You’re going to have a lot of fun listening to something carefree and upbeat with a ham and cheese burger in hand. Like Hot Chelle Rae. No better feeling in the world than listening to Tonight Tonight with a Big Mac and tapping your feet to the beat.

Music to help you slim down

Yep, there’s a way music can make getting slimmer easier. We tend to overeat when we’re enjoying our food.

And we’ve all seen we can enjoy our food much more with the right music falling on our ears. So are you ready to find out what music can help you slim down?

It’s Jazz! Or rather, avoiding Jazz music while eating. Scientists found people tend to enjoy their food more when they’re listening to jazz music versus other genres.

The more you enjoy, the more you are drawn to continue eating, take a second and third helping or order more at the restaurant. Want to slim down? Don’t help yourself enjoy food to the point it becomes hard to push the plate away.

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