10 Best Drywall Sander in 2022 – User Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Drywall sander systems are a great time savers when it comes to sanding especially for large jobs. A good sander will have you looking forward for the next sanding project while a bad one will make you dread it.

In this article, we have put some efforts in bringing you the 10 best drywall sanders and we have reviewed each focusing on the important features.

We have also looked at the various factors that you should put into consideration when searching for one and also some few sanding tips.

10 Best Drywall Sander Comparison Table

Product NameWeightLengthBuy

Festool 571579 Planex LHS 225
Best Drywall Hand Sander

19.5 lbs

3.6 ft. & 5.3 ft.

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Comie 750W

11 lbs

5 ft

Buy Now

Hyde Tools 09165

1 lbs

6 ft

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Goplus 710W

7.3 lbs

6.5 ft

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Best Rated Drywall Sander Vacuum

29 lbs

4 ft. and 6 ft

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13.8 lbs

5.4 ft.

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WEN 6369

9 lbs

15 ft.

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Cheap Drywall Sander

11.6 lbs

5.5 ft.

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10 lbs

13 ft.

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Best Sander for Drywall

8.5 lbs

13 ft.

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Festool 571579 Planex LHS 225: Best Drywall Hand Sander

10 Best Drywall Sander

If you love getting your tasks done in the shortest time possible, this is the best drywall hand sander for you. It is designed to promote efficiency, and it works as advertised.

It is an extendable sander thus enables you to handle various tasks with ease. It features two lengths, and you can extend or reduce the length quickly.

This is important because sometimes you will need to sand a lower area and using a sander with a long handle doesn’t feel comfortable.

Again, it might be strenuous to use a short sander to sand your ceilings. Thus, the extendable drywall sander comes in handy for various sanding situations.

This sander is built to handle both larger and smaller jobs. If you are a professional, you will find it very helpful doing larger jobs because it has efficient power transfer and the variable speed comes in handy when you need to go slow or faster on some areas.

It has two-speed gears, and they are easy to switch when need be. About the dust, this sander has an adjustable suction power.

This means, depending on the type of sanding where the amount of dust varies, you can always adjust the suction power to ensure that you are not inhaling dust or having too much to clean once you are done.


  • Extendable drywall sander
  • Variable speed- two-speed gears
  • Efficient power transfer
  • Adjustable suction power
  • HEPA certified dust extractor
  • Best at near-edge sanding


  • It’s heavy (19.5 pounds)
  • It’s not so good at sanding inside corners but performs excellently on large flat surfaces
  • It’s expensive, but its performance is worth the price

Comie Drywall Sander -  750W, Variable Speed, Sanding Pad

Comie 750W

Comie drywall sander is a solid and reliable electric sanding system. It sits comfortably in your hand and provides great finish. It weighs 11 pounds and variable speed from 1000 RPM to 2000 RPM.

The head swivels thus allowing you reach corners and sand angles with ease and the external vacuum cleaner ensures that you won’t be left with dust to clean after the job.

Its cost and performance makes it ideal for both professionals and homeowners.

With this sander, you will get a superior finish and save a lot of time and energy as it gets the job done quickly.

Durability is taken care of as it features a solid construction with durable aluminum which also adds to its lightweight.


  • Solid construction from durable aluminum
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Fair price
  • Head that swivels
  • Portable grip handle
  • plus
    Built-in dust collection hose
  • plus
    Variable speeds
  • plus
    Comes with free 6 sanding pads
  • plus
    Provides superior finish


  • Might not get tight corners well 

Hyde Tools 09165 Dust-Free Drywall Vacuum Hand Sander w/ 6 ft. Hose

Hyde Tools 09165

When sanding indoors, you will obviously want to keep your home dust-free to avoid dirtifying your furniture, electronics, and floors while also keeping your lungs safe.

Hyde 09165 drywall hand sander is designed to ensure that all the dust is sucked and suits most indoor sanding jobs.

It is easy to use even for first-timers. It is lightweight (1 pound), so you won’t have a hard time when using it on your ceilings and features a clog-free suction for a smooth operation. And, loading becomes easy and faster with the Easyclamp system.

Overall, the sander is quicker compared to a normal screen given that the screen won’t plug up and with the sander, there is no cleanup at all. Again, the sander easily attaches to any shop-vac but just ensure the shop vacuum has a good suction power.


  • No dust
  • Fits all shop-type vacuum cleaners
  • Features a 6 ft. flexible hose
  • Easy clamp system- allows faster and easier loading
  • Reversible drywall sandscreen
  • Lightweight
  • plus
    Features a clog-free suction


  • Vacuum not included

Goplus Hand Held Electric Drywall Sander with Vacuum

Goplus 710W

When looking for a handheld electric drywall sander with vacuum, weight is a great consideration. Well, the Goplus electric handheld drywall sander weighs just 7.3 lbs. which makes it very portable.

It also features a heavy-duty construction making it sturdy and durable with a 7” sanding pad diameter. Again, with 800 to 2400 RPM variable speed control, you will have it working just how you want it.

It also features an excellent anti-dust design. It comes with a dust bag and has a dust extracting system ensuring that no mess is made in the sanding process.

Also, the unit comes with 6 sanding discs, all with different friction forces hence can be used for various parts. The adjustable LED light turns off/on automatically with the sander switch so you won’t need to lift a light when working in dark places.


  • Variable speeds (800-2400 RPM)
  • Adjustable LED light
  • Detachable bottom segment to allow sanding to the edges while also making it easier to clean
  • Features a dust bag and a hose
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Comes with 6 pieces sanding discs, 79” dust hose, 1 wrench, 1 side handle, 3 adjusting shims, 2 carbon brushes


  • It’s a little heavy especially for people who haven’t used one before

ARKSEN 6FT, 5 Speed, w/ portable case - Best Drywall Sander Vacuum


This is a heavy-duty sanding system whose design makes it ideal for larger jobs and those with the not so easy to reach areas. Overall, the sander saves you a lot of time because you are able to cover a larger area within a short time and you only do very little cleanup once the job is done.

The hose is 6 foot long so you can reach the walls and ceilings with ease and you always get a superior finish. Compared to conventional sanding methods, this sander is way better, and it does great in both large and small projects.

The sander’s head swivels to allow you sand corners and angles with ease and it’s also lightweight for portability. It attaches to an external vacuum cleaner thus ensuring a clean working area.

It also comes with 6 pieces of sanding pads with different grit ranging from 80 to 240 and the hook-and-loop straps sandpaper makes it easy to change them. Also, finding a vacuum hose won’t be a hassle as it features a soft tube that fits any shop vacuum hose.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Variable speed (450-1050 RPM)
  • A head that swivels to reach any angle and corner
  • Hook-and-loop straps sandpaper
  • 6 ft. long hose
  • plus
    Fits all shop vac hose
  • plus
    Comes with a carrying case
  • plus
    Certification: ETL, CE, EMC, and SGS


  • Unless you use a good shop vacuum and a dust bag, you will have dust all over.

ALEKO 804A Electric Drywall Vacuum Sander


When there is the need for drywall vacuum sanders for larger sanding projects, ALEKO 804A is one of the best in the field. It is sturdy and durable and also does a great job sanding any hard to reach areas.

It is designed for grinding ceilings and walls, both for inner and outer surfaces, paint coatings, clearing any floor residues, loose plaster and adhesive.

It has a telescopic handle plus other accessories including a hose and 6 pcs sander discs. Again, the sander has a 600-1500 RPM variable speed thus allowing you work with the ideal speed for the kind of job you have.

Again, the sander is fairly inexpensive but works just as great as other expensive models. It, however, takes a bit to get used to it especially when you have not used one before.

Again, ensure that you are attaching it to a good shop vac to ensure that you will have no issues with dust. It is a reliable tool for changing and remodeling texture. Taking down a popcorn ceiling will be a breeze.


  • Heavy-duty Vac Drywall Sander
  • Variable speed, 600-1500 RPM
  • It’s a strong tool with 600W-710W input power
  • Telescoping handle
  • Comes with 6 pcs sanding discs and a hose
  • Comes with a hook-and-loop pad
  • plus
    Comes with an extra set of replaceable brushes


  • It’s on the heavy side. Thus you will need to take breaks if working on larger jobs.

WEN Drywall Sander Review 

WEN 6369

If you have been hunting for a great drywall sander, WEN 6369 might be the perfect catch. And, it doesn’t matter if you are a pro or just trying some DIY projects, using it is a breeze.

First off, it features an 8.5” pivoting swiveling head in any direction hence adjusting automatically to be flush against any surface on its path.

Again, the speed is adjustable, 600-1500RPM thus applicable on various projects and also comes with six pieces of Hook-&-Loop sandpaper discs meaning you’ll have an easy time changing them.

The sander is designed to make to make things easy for you. First, it is lightweight, 9 pounds, and also features a foldable design that makes transportation and storage easy.

It also has an automatic dust removal and a flexible 15-foot long dust vacuum hose thus very reliable in dust removal. With this sander, you’ll easily sand every had-to-reach areas.


  • Pivoting 8.5” head swiveling in all directions
  • Variable speed
  • Strong motor
  • Automatic dust removal
  • Hook-and-loop Base Pad
  • Foldable design for easy storage plus transportation
  • plus
    Lightweight (9 lbs.)
  • plus
    Comes with six pcs of the Hook-&-loop sandpaper discs, each with different grit
  • plus
    Comes with a flexible, 15” dust vacuum extractor


  • It could be tiring when sanding ceilings, but it sands faster and neater than using your hands.

ALEKO Drywall Sander Review (Model 690D)


Compared to ALEKO 840A, the ALEKO 690D is smaller in size and also lightweight, 11 pounds. It’s a great and compact drywall sander with variable speed setting to give you more control as you tackle the jobs.

Thanks to its heavy-duty, compact design construction, you can sand larger and even heavy surface areas with ease, and you won’t need any traditional sanders. It is also very affordable, so if you have a tight budget but still want a quality sander, this should make a great choice.

Its sturdy construction gives it a great force with minimal resistance. However, as much as being lightweight is a plus in terms of portability.

It could be a limiting factor, especially when working for longer and continuous amount of time. Overall, the sander features great power plus a hose attachment for dust collection and is a very budget friendly option variable speed drywall sanding system.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Variable speeds
  • Heavy-duty, compact construction
  • Hose attachment to collect dust
  • Comes with 6 sandpaper discs
  • Telescoping handle
  • plus
    Can be attached to a dust collection


  • Doesn’t come with hose adapters for differently sized shop vacs

POWER-PRO 2100, 710W, - Best Electric Sander For Drywall


This POWER-PRO Drywall Sander is well-built, fast and easy-to-control thanks to the variable speeds. However, the lowest speed is 1000 RPM so you should have this in mind because it might not be the best if you need lower a slower speed. It weighs 10 pounds which is fair enough for portability and prevents being overly fatigued.

The design makes it a great choice for all-around basic drywall sanding and will easily tackle walls and ceilings with just a little effort. When attached to a good vacuum, this tool operates very clean, and you will love using it for both professional and DIY projects. It’s a solid electric sander and matches its price in usability.


  • Variable speeds (1000 to 2100RPM)
  • Super-efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Well-constructed
  • Extendable handle (4-5.5 ft.)
  • 13 ft. static-dissipating vacuum hose
  • plus
    Has hook-and-loop straps
  • plus
    Lightweight (10 pounds)


  • No slow speed
  • Heavy front-end

PORTER-CABLE 7800 4.7 Amp Drywall Sander with 13-foot Hose
( Best Drywall Sander of 2022 )


If you care more about quality than price and looking for the best dustless drywall sander, then the PORTER-CABLE 7800 will make a great choice. The major problems with the cheaper options are that they seem to work so well at first only to break after a short time and finding new sandpapers can be a hassle.

Luckily, this particular sander has been on the market for more than a decade now and finding parts will be super easy and at an affordable price. Again, it weighs just 8.5 pounds, so you will find it easy to use even for long periods plus the vacuum hose is 13 ft. Long for convenience.

It also features variable speeds thus allowing you to go at your pace plus mounting and handling becomes easier with the hook-and-loop straps.

And, if you need a sanding system for large jobs, this one here is a winner. With it, you get to enjoy virtually dustless sanding.

However, you might still have to do some little hand sanding at the corners because it doesn’t get them. Overall, the sander does a great job, saves you time and energy.


  • Variable speeds (1400-2000 RPM)
  • Lightweight (8.5 pounds)
  • 13 ft. vacuum hose
  • Hook-and-loop straps to allow easy mounting & handling
  • 4.7 Amps sanding power
  • Keeps the dust down


  • A bit pricey compared to other options but totally worth it

Factors to Consider When Buying a Drywall Sander


The best drywall sander should be within your budget. Again, depending on the kind of job you will be using it on the frequency, you can determine how much it’s worth spending on. Some sanders do okay with simple sanding jobs while others are built to handle large and tough jobs.

Power & speed

The type of job you have will determine how much power your sander should have as well as the speed. Some sanders have variable speeds, and they are thus ideal for various jobs. A powerful sander will tackle jobs fast thus saving you time.

Maneuverability and weight

Sanding jobs are tiring, and they even get worse if you are using a heavy sander. To have it easy, go for a lightweight sander. However, you should be careful not to pick a too lightweight one because it might not be able to handle large jobs that take too much time.

Dust collection

To avoid having too much to clean after the sanding, ensure that your sander is connected to an effective dust collecting system. This also helps you sand even when your furniture and other things are still in the house without dirtifying them.

Ease of use

Whether you have used sanders before or not, an easy to use sander always wins. You don’t want to spend too much time trying to figure out how you’re supposed to go about it.


You know how durable any tool will be based on the material used to construct it. Aluminum makes a good choice for drywall sanders as it is lightweight yet durable.

Head design-does it swivel?

A head that swivels means that your sander will reach corners and sand angels with ease. However, most of the time you’ll still have to use your hands as some areas are too hard to reach even if the head swivels.

Type of shop vac

Some sanders will need a specific vacuum while others will do with just any shop vacuum. To avoid the hassle of getting one, going with one that fits any shop vac is better.

Sanding Tips

  • check
    A fine sandpaper leaves no marks. 80 grit paper and below is likely to leave undesirable marks on your ceilings or walls.
  • check
    When sanding drywall with electric sander, over ridges and gouges. Instead, trowel them over using a coating of joint compound
  • check
    Use a handheld flashlight so as to sand each area effectively
  • check
    Pre-mark areas that require filling or need more sanding with a pencil
  • check
    Have a sanding sponge to use on the corners to avoid scuffing or gouging them with the sander
  • check
    To know how much pressure to apply on the real job, do some trial runs on other surfaces
  • check
    Avoid over-sanding and if it happens on one spot, just touch it up with a joint compound then give it time to dry before sanding it again
  • check
    Always have your protective gear on to ensure that you’re not inhaling any dust to avoid respiratory problems
  • check
    Always inspect your work once you’re done. You can do this after relaxing.


Out of the 10 drywall sanders that we have reviewed, PORTER-CABLE 7800 stands out as the winner because it’s lightweight and even though it’s a bit pricey than most other options, it is well-constructed for durability as discussed in the porter cable drywall sander review. The worst thing you want when in the middle of sanding is your tool breaking.

Again, finding replacement parts is not a problem as is with most other brands. It is powerful high and variable sanding speeds.

It tackles large jobs like a champ, and it’s super easy to use even for beginners. It features a long vacuum hose thus enabling you to cover a wider area with ease, and it really keeps the dust down so you won’t have much cleanup to do after you are done with the sanding job.

Final Thought

Sanding will either be tough or easy based on the kind of tools you are using. For large jobs especially, you need to go for the best sander. Another thing to choose carefully is the exhausting vacuum as it determines how much you’ll have to clean afterward.

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