13 Best Digital/Electronic Notepads with Pen: Choices Reviewed in 2022

Best Digital Notepad: Imagine having a notebook with unlimited pages. Yes, you can skip using scraps of paper every time you need to write down an idea or when you need to leave a memo in the office.

A electronic notepad appeals to everyone who likes writing on paper. It has the same feel of the pen and paper. These devices are also small and lightweight allowing users to take them to every place they’d like.

Best Overall pick!

Best Overall: ACECAD PenPaper

We have chosen ACECAD Pen Paper USB Digital Notepad from our list as best overall. Its sleek design and simple usability at this price range, makes it best choice for you.

If you are searching the market for best digital notepads, we got you covered with TEN of the most sought devices. Stay on as we provide a brief overview of each of these brands.

13 Best Digital Notepad Reviews that Feel Like Paper

1. ACECAD PenPaper 5×8 Digital Notepad : Best OverallBest Digital Notepads ACECAD PenPaper

Designed to work in conjunction with the IPad, the ACECAD PenPaper 5×8 Digital Notepad is a rechargeable and affordable way for you to take your notes and make them easily accessible. It features a decent battery that will give you up to 8 hours of continuous use and these files can easily be imported to your IPad.

One of the main things we like about this notepad is the smaller size. This means that it is really easy to carry along and will ensure you can comfortably use it whenever you need to. For the cheaper price, it is highly recommended.


  • Exports files to IPad
  • Really affordable
  • Small and portable


  • Short battery life

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2. Boogie Board, 8.5 Inch LCD Writing Tablet: Best Digital Notepad with pen 2021

Boogie Board Best Digital Notepads

This is a remarkable digital notepad that might make note taking easier for you. It gives up to 50,000 erases which is a lot for the price. If you like listing things down or can’t think through ideas without noting them on a paper, this here might be your best friend. Again, it makes it easier for people with kids as you won’t be looking for papers every time they want to scribble down something.

With the 8.5 inch screen, you have enough surface to jot down important notes. It comes with a magnetized back such you can mount it on filing cabinets or the refrigerator when you want to leave reminders or memos in the office. The LCD screen is shatterproof, non-toxic and made from very durable plastic.

The included stylus helps to create images and input the notes you want. The pen applies width according to the pressure you use. This makes drawing much more fun since you can draw pictures and maintain the design’s accuracy like you would usually on a drawing board.

However, this memopad can’t save any images, but it is an excellent companion for brainstorming sessions or for your kids when they want to sketch stuff. No more collecting papers left all over the house just because your kid is practicing good handwriting. Bring the best tablet for taking handwritten notes: Boogie Board to your home right now!!!


  • It does not have a power button; it’s always ready to use
  • You can jot down with the stylus or just any other instrument
  • Includes a stylus clip and magnet
  • Erase key offers over 50,000 erase cycles
  • Wide LCD screen
  • Pretty thin to easily store in a small purse


  • It does not save images

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3. XP-Pen Star05 Wireless 2.4 Graphics Digital Tablet

Top Digital Notepads XP-Pen Star05 Wireless 2.4

This digital tablet is mostly used for drawing. It helps to create accurate digital pictures by offering a slim tablet that can fit seamlessly in a backpack, purse, or briefcase. Artists will love that it can connect to Mac or PCs using a USB cable or wirelessly via ISM 2.4G and FHSS. This device operates using a built-in lithium-ion battery. A full charge can last a generous 14 hours.

It comes with a battery-free, passive stylus with 2048 pressure levels. This means you can draw lines with your desired width when creating unique images. It has six touch-sensitive shortcut keys that allow access to the various functions.

With the 8×5-inch screen, you will have enough room to draw and paint comfortably. And when you are done with your painting, you can get access to Windows and Mac computers to save your work.

This device is also compatible with various drawing software including Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Paint Tool Sai, etc. It is the ideal drawing tablet for anyone who wants to let go of papers while still enjoying their drawing talent.


  • It has wired and wireless capability
  • Lithium-ion battery recharges fast
  • Uses a passive stylus with up to 2048 pressure levels
  • It is compatible with Windows and Mac computers
  • Wide drawing area
  • Comes with six touch-sensitive keys
  • Supports a wide variety of mainstream design software


  • Its software can be complex for first-time users

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4. Sony DPT-RP 1/B Digital Paper: Best Electronic Writing Pad with Memory

Sony DPT-RP 1/B

If you are looking for a much more sophisticated and one of the best digital writing pads where you can actually save and retrieve what you write, you’ll be happy with the Sony DPT-RP note taking pad. Sony has been trying to make papers obsolete, and we can see the advancements they have made with the DPT-RP.

Sony claims that this is the world’s thinnest digital paper as it is close to 30 sheets of paper. The slim design means it is ready to go wherever you want to use it from the office to the project site and on business trips.

The capacitive 13.3-inch touchscreen allows use with a stylus which gives you the same feeling of a pen or pencil. It is a high-contrast, no-glare screen that allows use even in bright sunlight. The letter size screen can display a double page so you can view documents side by side.
You can store and share what you write and draw with the Sony DPT-RP thanks to the USB and wireless connectivity. Sony has a digital paper app which you install on your Mac or PC to transfer documents from this notepad.


  • It has a 16GB internal memory
  • It provides data protection through password and data encryption
  • Slim design with a letter size screen
  • A fully charged battery is usable three weeks
  • No glare screen


  • It is expensive, but the advanced features make it worthwhile

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5. NEWYES 4.4Inch Pocket Pad LCD Writing Tablet


Perhaps the smallest of the digital note pads is this writing tablet by NEWYES. It features a 4.4-inch screen that is attractive and lightweight at the same time. It is the size of many kids’ toys making it a good gift for them especially if you can’t get them to stop writing on every surface in the house. Now you can make kids lose interest in your devices when they spend their time using this digital paper tablet. NEWYES is one of the best digital notepad brands for kids.

You will have a paper-like feel owing to the design of this tablet. You can use the plastic stylus provided or just any other instrument including your nails to make notes on this notepad. Not to mention, it can repeatedly be used for 100,000 times. It is a nice replacement for paper when you need to leave something on the memo board or a note for your kids on the refrigerator.


  • It has a high-quality construction of durable plastic
  • It has a 1-year warranty
  • Preserves the paper-like feeling
  • It can be of use for many things including as a communication tool
  • Available in different colors


  • The surface can be too small for persons who need to make lots of notes for reading later

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6. Bestobal LCD Writing Tablet 10.5-Inch Screen Writing Pad


Keeping everything in mind is hard. But with the Bestobal LCD Writing pad, you can let your stylus take down that university lecture or seminar notes you need to remember for later. You get the same pen and paper experience thanks to the pressure-sensitive LCD. Sometimes all you need is creating something unique, but you don’t want to carry multiple writing items. With this device, you can use the same stylus to create images with different thicknesses.

This is a comfortable design where you can input as many images as you’d like and erase up to 50,000 times. You will appreciate that it does not need any care since it uses a built-in replaceable battery. You can erase the handwriting with the press of a button making it super easy to protect your content when you don’t need it deleted.

This tablet has a construction of a hard plastic material. It is a superior writing pad for people who prefer a paper-like experience. It has the ideal reading experience since you won’t be dealing with any glare. You can use it indoors or outdoors, even when the sun is shining directly on it.


  • Helps to capture your thoughts and ideas
  • Lightweight and portable for taking anywhere
  • It has an extra wide viewing angle
  • High-pressure levels
  • Stylus marks in luminescent green so you can see as you draw
  • Uses one button to erase everything
  • Requires very little setup
  • Comfortable for the eyes


  • It cannot print images

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7. Glasser Writing Tablet 8.5-Inch Ewriter


The Glasser digital writing pad has a considerable following among businessmen, designers, kids, and persons who need help in deaf-mute communication. It is probably the most used communication tool in offices and homes when you need to leave messages and memos for others to see. It is easy to handle since it only needs writing on and erasing with one hit of the button.

You will love that this writing pad looks sleeks in that it will look neat on your office desk. You don’t need to scribble down every idea on a piece of paper which could leave your working location messy. It is a stylish way of jotting down your plans and leaving small notes for your love to read when you are not in the house.

You don’t need the slightest effort to use it. Glasser digital notepad is ready when you are. It does not require plugging in or internal memory to work. No wonder even the seniors find it useful for their everyday communication.


  • One button gives you a clean slate to write on
  • Can use any blank and smooth object to write
  • It saves tons of paper by being reusable for thousands of times
  • The battery can last three years
  • Large 8.5-inch writing screen


  • Sharp objects can damage the screen

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8. FUNHOUR Digital Writing Pad and Drawing Notepad [8.5” LCD ]


This is an excellent digital paper tablet for use either at home, work office or school by both adults and kids. It features a 12-inch LCD writing surface, and it’s pressure-sensitive so you can create lines with different thickness depending on how much pressure you apply just as you would when using the ordinary paper and pen.

It might be a great choice for anyone practicing handwriting, both kids, and adults, and you can also use it for Memos, to write your to-do list, drawing, etc. Also, it can be really helpful for people who can’t speak for one reason or the other, because it’s far much convenient to using paper and pens.

Again, this is an eco-friendly option for people who can’t go a day without using several papers and pens/pencils to write and draw. This electronic note pad comes with a plastic stylus/pen that you can use for drawing and writing, and you can use just any other available instrument including your finger. It’s a good way to help save trees.

And, if you like your memopads lightweight, this weighs very little and being 0.19 inches thin, it enables you to stick it in any available space either in your purse, backpack, briefcase, etc. Plus it’s very durable thus making it an excellent gift for any kid or adults.


  • Very convenient for both drawing and writing
  • Lightweight and slim for easy storage
  • Well-made for durability
  • The screen is not reflective, so you don’t strain your eyes while writing/drawing
  • Eco-friendly
  • Perfect for both kids and adults
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • The included pen/stylus writes very well and stores at the bottom of the board


  • It’s just a writing tablet so you can’t connect it to your computer

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9. Keweis 10-inch Digital Notepad with Pen

Keweis Best Digital Notepad 2019

An ultrathin, portable LCD writing pad is what the Keweis is all about. It is a perfect replacement for sticky notes; dry erase boards, memo pads, and sketchbooks. You can take it anywhere since it weighs around 6 ounces. It is also very thin, and you can store it in a slim briefcase, purse, or backpack.

This is a multipurpose writing pad which will come in handy when writing reminder messages, note taking, sketch designs, etc. People in business, designers, and kids will have a great time using this digital note pad communicating their messages. It is incredibly useful for running your imaginations wild without worrying about the mess you could create with markers.

You have over 100,000 writing cycles which means you won’t be wasting any papers. If you are keen on saving trees, you can be sure no more trees are going down for the sake of making paper. It is also eye-friendly as it has no glare and no radiation. Your eyes are protected wherever you are from the car to school, office, and every other place you’d like to use it.

The pressure-sensitive LCD screen writes the same way you would with a pen and paper. It has a lock key so nothing you write on it will ever get erased if you don’t intend to. You can leave messages on the wall thanks to the magnetized back, or take short notes in class since it is slim and ultra lightweight. This is an excellent electronic note taking device, and anyone will appreciate the features it brings forth.


  • It has a highly sensitive screen that is friendly to the eyes
  • Versatile for any writing and drawing
  • Can serve as a learning toy for kids
  • Great communication tool for the deaf-mute
  • An eco-friendly solution for paper
  • The battery provides over 100,000 writing cycles
  • It has a lock key to keep essential messages


  • The anti-glare feature can make the screen appear dim

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10. BONBON 8.5 inch Writing Notepad for Kidsbonbon writing notepad

This list wouldn’t be complete with the acclaimed BonBon 8.5 inch Writing Pad for Kids. It’s an affordable digital notebook a quality that can match more premium devices. You can pick among three different color options including blue and pink; you’re not limited to the typical black notebook.

Whatever you write can easily be transported to your laptop and it also akes use of normal paper. This will be cost effective for taking notes without any real troubles. This is one of the ideal additions for the college student to capture all of the notes and they can be used at any time without having to carry along all your paper. It’s especially designed for kids.

For the price, it is really affordable, unfortunately, it does take some time to update to the newer version of windows.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Perfect for college students
  • Easy to use
  • Small and portable


  • Windows must be upgraded

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The MYMAHDI Digital Notepad is a massive digital notepad that makes life simpler if you need to constantly take a lot of notes. It features a massive 32 MB memory and this can certainly allow you to store most of your notes for class. When plugged into a computer it can also serve as a graphics tablet.

With the use of only three AAA batteries, this notepad can keep you working for up to 100 hours before they need to be replaced. You also only need Windows 2000 or Windows XP to have the notepad integrated with your PC and add all of your notes. While it might be a little expensive, you can use this for a very long time and we would highly recommend it to business professionals and college students.


  • Small and portable
  • Large writing area
  • 32MB built-in memory
  • Long battery life


  • Quite expensive

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12. Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad Digital Notebook

10 top Digital Notepad

Wacom is no stranger when it comes to digital devices designed with the writer or illustrator in mind. The Bamboo Slate is a minimalist notebook that comes in two sizes: large or small. The former gives you more space to write and draw your ideas in the office.

On the other hand, the small variant of the Wacom Bamboo Slate is perfect if you’re at a conference. If you have to walk all the time, you can use this device to note down details and hold it with just one hand. Plus, you can pick among four different styles: Folio, Slate, Red Pixel Slate, and Blue Pixel Slate.

While this isn’t a universal digital notebook, it’s compatible with many devices. These include Android phones, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and the Samsung Galaxy tablet. Furthermore, you do not have to settle for a single file format. Apart from PDF, you can save your writings in JPG, PNG, and even SVG format.

There’s no way to automatically have your files uploaded on apps like Evernote and OneNote. You have to upload one page at a time — and the device won’t turn on by itself once it detects you’re writing again. Still, this is an impressive digital notebook whether you’re walking around or staying at the office.


  • Variety in style and size
  • Ergonomic design
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Multiple file formats


  • Manual uploading to note-taking apps
  • No automatic wake-up feature

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13. RoWrite Smart Writing Pad

This is a digital notebook that doesn’t need to stay online for you to use it. You can keep on writing on the paper whenever you want and just have the text digitized once you’re online. Likewise, you don’t have to worry about it getting scratches and damages from bump since there’s a textured cloth folio.

Unlike other digital notebooks, this one has no problems with the power function. The moment you need to jot down something, the RoWrite Smart Writing Pad will quickly turn on. You also get to pick between two provided papers: a lined paper and a plain variant.

The former type of paper will help you write straight paragraphs while the latter is best for doodling. Still, you might sense that this RoWrite device isn’t the ideal digital notebook for illustrations. There’s a good deal of accuracy, but the quality in the paper isn’t completely reflected in digital form.

The digital notebook might also have slight problems with detecting capital letters. It performs well in identifying cursive writing, but it may not notice a capital letter if it’s not written big enough. Yet overall, you cannot go wrong with the RoWrite Smart Writing Pad — especially if you’re doing quick notes.


  • Works even when online
  • Cloth folio for device protection
  • Quick to turn on and off
  • Comes with two types of paper


  • Not that good for illustrations
  • Problems in detecting capital letters

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With best digital notepads, you open the possibilities of replacing paper. The models in this list perform with excellence. You will notice that some models are more expensive than others and this is because they can save the contents you write on them. But if you are just looking for a writing pad to make small notes every day, a cheap model will fulfill your purpose.

Go on and start to experience the perks of a paperless world.

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