10 Best Crossbow for the Money in 2022 – Buying Guide & Review

Are You Looking for 10 Best Crossbow for Money in 2022? you are in the place now.

What completes a good hunter?

Skills and experience, maybe?

Nope, it’s one medieval weapon: CROSSBOW

Best Overall pick!

Best Overall: Barnett Ghost 420

Barnett Ghost 420 is a perfect crossbow that nicely manages things like flexibility, weight and stability that prove to be key factors when choosing a crossbow. It weights good enough that gives it stability and comes for a price that won’t pitch your pocket.

Getting your hands on some top rated crossbows for hunting can be a hassle if you are running short of time or money.

Worry not, we have done the research for you on some of the best crossbows of 2022 below. Here’s a breakdown of some of the latest crossbow reviews:

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10 Best Crossbow for the Money in 2022

ProductMax SpeedRangeWeightBuy

Barnett Ghost 420


148 ft

7.3 kg

Buy Now

Barnett Ghost 375


150 ft

3.8 kg

Buy Now

Southern Risen XT 350


109 ft

2.4 kg

Buy Now

CenterPoint Sniper 370


90 ft

2.1 kg

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Horton Storm RDX


150 ft

3.5 kg

Buy Now

Barnett Jackal


180 ft

3.4 kg

Buy Now

Excalibur Crossbow


90 ft


Buy Now

TenPoint Venom


225 ft

3.3 kg

Buy Now

Wicked Ridge Invader G3


150 ft

2.9 kg

Buy Now

Barnett Ghost 360 CRT


150 ft

3.4 kg

Buy Now

1. Barnett Ghost 420 Crossbow: Best Hunting Crossbow under $1000

10 Best Crossbow For The Money 2019On the top of our list is Barnett’s brand new crossbow- the Ghost 410. With some big new features, the Ghost 410 is a powerhouse that destroys its target in a breeze. It has a smaller frame that gives you the speed and power to make accurate kill shots. Although it is one of the most expensive crossbows currently, there’s no doubt it’s well worth the huge price tag.

Here’s a look at some features of this crossbow:

The Ghost 420, as the name suggests, is capable of hitting moving targets with a speed of 420 FPS (feet per second). It is currently one of the fastest crossbows out there in the market.

A solid draw weight of 185 pounds makes it ideal for hunting purposes as you can make short work of your game easily.

Lightweight construction and sleek body on the Barnett 420 makes it the best choice for crossbows for getting spot-on accurate results.

Weighing only 7.3 kgs, carrying it around won’t be a big deal for beginners.

It generates 20.46 kg-m worth of kinetic energy, thus making your shot as accurate and precise as possible.

The lightweight nature of the crossbow ensures the risk of arm fatigue is reduced amongst users. You can feel the stability and balance when you take your aim at a target. And, with a solid rope cocking aid, users can draw and release arrows to get a smooth and powerful performance in spite of a heavy draw weight of 83 kgs.

The rope cocking aid greatly reduces the pull burden on the user by half to approximately 40 kgs.


1. Can hit up to 420 FPS.

2. Sleek design

3. Heavy draw weight and highly accurate for hunting down far-off targets


1. Quite an expensive deal

2. Makes some noise

The Barnett Ghost 420 is the top rated crossbow of 2022 for both professionals and beginners. Regardless of some great features, the Ghost 420 is not really affordable. We’d suggest, if only you have a serious affection towards crossbows and want all the features a crossbow can offer, then go ahead and purchase it. There are a couple of cheaper crossbows that in spite of being limited in features, deliver the goods without any hassles.

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2. Barnett Ghost 375 Crossbow

Barnett Ghost 375 ReviewsBarnett has another crossbow up its sleeve with the Ghost 375. First, you won’t have a hard time assembling it. The instruction manual provides all the details you need in a manner that’s easy to understand — even for beginners. Second, the camouflage design makes it ideal for hunting. Pair with a hunting knife and you’re good to go.

And while the 78404 Jackal had slight issues with its red dot sight, this one does its job well. You can look at your targets with pinpoint accuracy. If you think it’s not precise enough, it would only take a click or two to get the right adjustment. You’ll also find that the arrows penetrate deep — all thanks to the sheer kinetic energy.

But just like the 784084 Jackal, this crossbow also has a problem with the mounting component. It works, but the bracket quality isn’t that great. Moreover, the quiver mount may get loose and lead to shaking. Perhaps Barnett should consider including a stability-improving dampener with the package in the future.

You’ll quickly appreciate the feel of the quiver. Each shot is satisfying. Plus, the camo effect should help you hunt down a deer in the wild faster than expected. Overall, the Barnett Ghost 375 is a formidable hunting crossbow.


1. Sufficient arrow penetration

2. Easy to assemble

3. Accurate red dot sight

4. Camouflage design suited for hunting


1. Mounting bracket not durable enough

2. No dampener included

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3. Southern Crossbow Risen XT 350 – Crossbow for Beginners

Southern Crossbow Risen XT 350 reviewsThe Risen XT 350 is the best crossbow for beginners that packs in a solid, sturdy body and rich features in one equipment. It is suitable for archers, and huntsmen alike and allows users to mount flashlights with ease. The Risen XT 350 comes in a black matte finish and weighs only 2.4 kgs making it apt for beginners.

Let’s take a look at some of the best features of the Risen XT 350 below-:

The first noticeable thing in the Risen XT 350 is vertical foregrip which feels quite handy. Being a modular crossbow, this crossbow comprises of a detachable quiver.

At 350 FPS, the XT350 is speedy enough to take down a target easily.

The readily adjustable scope that lets you hit the bull’s-eye with a 15-yard shot.

Assembling this crossbow is not a big deal as it comes equipped with an instruction manual.

Delivers arrows at a kinetic energy of 15 kg-m.

The non-illuminating scope can be a drag sometimes especially for inexperienced users.

This crossbow is best for hunting and crossbow hunting also depends on which pistol you are using with it. You should always choose the best crossbow pistols so you will never regret your hunting experience.


1. A good velocity of 350 FPS

2. Light trigger pull

3. Excellent choice for beginners

4. Slick new accessories such as safety glasses and rail lube for practice and hunting sessions


1. The disappointing mediocre scope that cannot work properly during night time & dim lit conditions.

2. Heavy draw weight of 81.4 kg requires users to apply some strength.

All in all, the Risen XT 350 is a fine crossbow that aims to be a mix of technology and a gamut of features. Speedy and accurate for the most part, it lacks in the scope department which acts as a buzzkill for this otherwise very promising crossbow.

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4. CenterPoint Sniper 370 – Most affordable Crossbow that won’t break the bank

Center Point 370 crossbow reviewsThe CenterPoint Sniper 370 is designed with simplicity and performance in mind. At just 36.5 inches in length, it’s a fairly compact quiver. Its three color options — black and two camo variations — succeed in concealing your presence. Combine this with the noise-eliminating string stops, and your target won’t notice you until it’s too late.

As long as you don’t place too much pressure on it, the foregrip should keep your target locked on sight. Each shot can reach a maximum speed of 370 feet per second. This speed reduces the chances of an animal noticing you and getting away from your shot. Plus, it has 185 pounds of draw weight — more than enough to take down a deer.

But arguably the best thing about the CenterPoint Sniper 370 are its bolts. Instead of the cheaper aluminum variant, you get carbon bolts. These are not only sturdier but they also penetrate deeper to ensure the kill. Furthermore, these aren’t single use bolts; you can use them multiple times and see the same formidable results.

There’s no reason to worry about safety. You won’t just hit others by accident as there’s an auto-safety mechanism. Plus, the crossbow will protect itself in case you fire a shot without a bolt on the quiver. So if you’re on the lookout for a sleek yet powerful crossbow, consider the CenterPoint Sniper 370.


1. Compact design

2. Impressive 370 fps bolt speed  

3. Foregrip for improved accuracy

4. High-quality carbon bolds

5. Auto-safety feature


1. Instruction manual could be improved

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5. Horton Crossbow Storm RDX: A Powerful Crossbow for hunting

Horton Crossbow Storm RDXHorton claims to be the best tactical crossbow in the market. Horton does claims to have designed the Storm RDX (Reverse draw crossbow) as a crossbow with two notable qualities that are essential to any premier crossbow- adjustability, and power. The Storm RDX comprises of a reverse limb that is meant to help you with the center of gravity and executing the shots more precisely.

Let’s have a look at some exciting features of this crossbow-:

With a shot speed of 370 FPS, the Storm RDX is lethal in its pursuit.

A draw weight of 74.8 kgs ably backed by a kinetic strength of 16.86 kg-m is meant for hunting down big games.

At 3.5 kgs, this crossbow has a fairly lightweight and well-balanced design.

It has a built-in 3x zoom scope that takes some time for calibration to sight far away objects quickly.

The Storm RDX features a narrow 10-inch spindle-to-spindle (side-to-side) distance whilst cocked, which ensures that the shots you fire are accurate.


1. Rapid speed of 370 FPS

2. Has a lightweight built of only 3.5 kgs

3. Accurate and precise

4. Kinetic energy of 16.86 kg-m is good for hunting

5. Draw weight of 74.8 kgs for powerful shots


1. The Horton Storm RDX is somewhat expensive

2. The scope takes time with calibration

The Storm RDX is one of the best crossbows right now once you get used to calibrate the scope. However, the price tag at which it comes gives its closest rivals, such as the Tenpoint Venom, an edge if you cannot get the hang of the scope.

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6. Barnett Jackal

Barnett Jackal reviewsThe Barnett Jackal is another decent budget option for someone looking for an efficient crossbow. The working is rather smooth for a budget option. If you love the ritual that defines the traditional bowstring or crossbow, such as waxing the string every few shots and checking the proper fletching is down, this is the perfect traditionalist’s crossbow. Given its lower-than-most price, it might also be judged affordable.

The specs are decent. The 68 kg draw weight is lower than the Ridge Invader’s, which has its own benefits but still comes off a bit lacking. The arrow included with the package shoots with a decent 12 kg-m Kinetic energy. At 315 fps, it’s not a bad option at all.

The 78404 Jackal helps beginners and experienced users alike in improving their accuracy. This is relatively safe to use. Assembly is quick. There are some errors in the instruction manual, but they’re not that terrible — you won’t need professional assistance. Moreover, it helps that Barnett included free tools to help you out.

There is consistency in performance. You can shoot around 200 times without having to replace the strings and cables. It’s generally durable and will help you save money — you won’t have to find new parts all the time. The only iffy component of the 78404 Jackal is its mounting bracket, so set a budget for replacing it.

It is a little heavier than the Ridge Invader, but you don’t feel much reduction in recoil.


1. Heavier option at a low price

2. A traditionalist’s crossbow.

3. Comes with neat arrows and wax included in the package



1. The somewhat lower speed makes high-range shooting a challenge.

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7. Excalibur Crossbow: Matrix 405 Mega Crossbow

Matrix 405 Mega Crossbow reviewsHailed as one of the fastest crossbows at present, Excalibur’s Matrix Mega 405 is a recurve crossbow that can shoot at 405 FPS. Looking at the amazing speed and price combo, we could not resist inquiring more about its features.

Here are the details-:

With a superfast speed of 405 FPS and a kinetic energy of 17.55 kg-m, the Matrix Mega launches shots quickly.

A draw weight of 131.5 kg across a 14-inch power stroke ensures this crossbow doesn’t miss its target and pierces right through it.

The Matrix Mega 405 comes with cool new safety features such as anti-dry fire system

The pretty accurate scope that can close in on any target in the shortest possible time.

The addition of R.E.D.S suppressors helps you focus on your target by reducing the noise.

Compared with all the other arrows on our list, the Matrix Mega 405 is perhaps the crossbow that gives off the least sound.

Lightweight crossbow built for hunting in the wild and target practice rituals.


1. A very fast velocity of 405 FPS

2. Low on noise and better in this department than Barnett 410.

3. Razor sharp Twilight DLX scope

4. Affordable crossbow


1. Being longer in length at 36.2 inches makes it hard to latch

2. Heavy draw rate requires some strength and stamina

Overall impression of Excalibur Crossbow: Matrix 405 Mega Crossbow is generally positive. It fits all the criteria that makes a good crossbow- fast, cheap, accurate, lightweight and powerful. However, it lags behind in one department and that is draw weight. Cocking the crossbow will require some strength due to its long pull length and heavy draw weight. So, yeah beginners and women will feel the heat in this department.

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8. TenPoint Venom – Lightweight And Complete Crossbow

TenPoint Venom reviewsTenpoint has introduced Venom as a crossbow that claims to single-handedly resolve all your problems related to arm fatigue. So, is it really that lightweight and good at the same time? We figure out-:

The venom has a remarkably fast velocity of 372 FPS.

Venom’s mega-layered scope can zoom in from 1.5X to 5X in seconds! The scope performs really well in low-lit conditions and remains constant after even odd jerks and motions.

Sturdy construction with solid limbs and a powerful draw weight of 83 kgs.

This crossbow has AcuDraw integrated rope cocking device that makes drawing strings a walk in the park.

A lightweight body weighing approximately 3.3 kgs.


1. Capable of reaching speeds up to 372 FPS

2. Very lightweight and compact design

3. Heavy draw weight of 87 kgs

4. One of the top rated crossbows for hunting big game such as bear, moose, etc.

5. Precise scope with zoom ability

6. Lightweight crossbow weighing just about 3.3 kgs


1. Costly price tag

2. Subpar trigger gave the price.

Tenpoint has built the arrow keeping in mind the utilities of crossbow lovers. It is loaded with all the essential features that complete a crossbow. Albeit, the costly price tag is a big downside that can put off most users. But there’s also another product by Tenpoint, rated as the best crossbow under 500. That might be a good fit for you if you are a budget buyer!!

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9. Wicked Ridge Invader G3

Wicked Ridge Invader G3 reviewsWhat works in the immense favor of Wicked Ridge Invader G3 is the easy pulling and cocking mechanism. The weight is manageable and the whole punch the crossbow carries is worth noting. The speed afforded is impressive at 330 feet per second, which is quite something when you consider its weight and rather simple build.

The 75 kg draw weight is a little less than what some of its competing bows offer, but it is enough to get some game. The bow itself is a convenient 3 kgs, which makes it easy to carry, but demands care when you’re shooting at a target since the recoil is bound to be tougher in lighter devices.

The Kinetic energy isn’t out of this world; 14 kg-m is definitely less than 20 that the Ghost 410 offers, but it is enough for a beginner.


1. Light in weight, and thus easy to carry.

2. The simple design makes it great for beginners.

3. Decent budget-friendly option.


1. Built for medium-skill.

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10. Barnett Ghost 360 CRT

Barnett Ghost 360 CRTThe Barnett Ghost 360 CRT wins in terms of aesthetic appeal. It is easy to use, looks like an angel and carries quite a lot of firepower. The CRT stands for Carbon Riser Technology, which is implemented to give the crossbow a superior balance despite its low weight. The draw weight is heartening at about 75 kg-m, which is much more helpful than other low-cost alternatives.

This crossbow is certainly not a budget option. But it does give you the most bang for your buck with its high speed and the cost lower by about $200 (depends where you buy it from). The 5-1 safety system too deserves a mention.


1. Among the best performing crossbows we have tested.

2. The design wins your heart.

3. The CRT technology is definitely helpful; it isn’t just something they wrote on the package as a marketing ploy.


1. You guessed it; expensive.

2. The lighter weight brings you more recoil, making it a better suited option for people with hunting experience.

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Buying Guide For Crossbows: Everything You Need To Know

To buy the best possible crossbows that suit all your needs, there are certain questions that need to be cleared before you make your purchase. Here are some of them:

#1 What are the different types of crossbows?


There are two types of crossbows namely- Compound and Recurve crossbows.

Simply put, a compound crossbow includes a sequence of cables and pulleys which require more maintenance. Whereas, a recurve crossbow has no mechanical parts and the user has the authority to completely control its motion. However, both of these crossbows offer the same amount of accuracy and power. Thus, you need to select the best crossbow for you in accordance to your convenience.

#2 Noise Level (dB)


The noise level of a crossbow is another important factor to consider. As is the case, some crossbows tend to be loud especially when the arrow is released or drawn up. If you’re going hunting, you will have to factor in this issue to not let your target escape.

#3 Draw Weight


The draw weight of a crossbow stands for the force you need to apply to cock/latch the crossbow. Draw weight affects the speed or FPS or feet per second with which the arrow hits the target. So you’d want a device such as a crank that supports you to reach a certain speed or FPS. The draw weight is important because it can be a huge hindrance on your ability to use a crossbow. For instance, you may not be able to cock a draw weight of 90 Kgs. At the same time, don’t purchase a crossbow with a draw weight of less than 68 Kg, or else you’ll have to greatly compromise on the speed.

#4 Range


The range is the area or length of the field that the crossbow can cover after the arrow has been fired. Normally crossbows cover a maximum of 30 yards. Anything under the purview of 15-30 yards is more than good.

#5 Power Stroke


The power stroke is essential in determining the FPS. It gauges how far back the arrow needs to be pulled until it is cocked or latched. The longer the power stroke, faster the FPS you derive. Ideally, crossbows having power strokes between 11’ and 14″ are considered good enough for hunting action.

#6 FPS


Feet per second or FPS determines the speed of a crossbow. The best crossbow is that which delivers a speed of at least 300 FPS which is apt for hunting. It is noteworthy that anything less than the aforesaid speed, for instance, 270 FPS can also be well provided it’s not marginally less.

Here’s the video showcasing, the world’s fastest crossbow at 496 fps.

WAIT!! That’s an old one.

The fastest speed recorded is 504.3 fps!!. TAKE A LOOK BELOW!!


#7 Size

The larger the size of the crossbow the more the draw weight and power you would have to apply. Especially, if you are the first-time user, a longer crossbow would perhaps not be the right fit for you.

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CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper AXCTW185CK Compound Crossbow with 4x32 Scope, RCD
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CenterPoint AXCS185CK Sniper 370 Crossbow Package, Camo, Small
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BARNETT Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow, 400 Feet Per Second
BARNETT Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow, 400 Feet Per Second
Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow | Shoots 350 FPS | Includes 4x32 scope, rope cocking device, light weight quiver & two 20 inch Headhunter arrows
Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow | Shoots 350 FPS | Includes 4x32 scope, rope cocking device, light weight quiver & two 20 inch Headhunter arrows
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