10 Best Chipper Shredder You Can Buy in 2022 | Reviewed & Buying Guide

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Best Chipper Shredder, Enjoying a walk around a well-kept garden, yard or lawn is a worthwhile sight for any nature lover. But let’s be honest, the actual practical work of mowing the lawn or managing the dropped off leaves and tree branches isn’t a cup of tea, as you can easily find yourself spending unanticipated time cutting or managing debris.

But thanks to the presence of chipper shredders in the market this doesn’t have to be the case. We have reviewed the chipper shredders in the market and are hence providing you with the top quality shredder that you can buy.

From reading our review guide based on customer reviews and their experiences, we are hopeful that you will be able to get your best pick.

Best Chipper Shredder

Overall Best Chipper Shredder : Yardmax YW7565

If you are looking for a shredder that is both Self-feeding chute and Fuel efficient, the Yardmax YW7565 should be your choice. A highly user friendly machine that is simple and totally durable.

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Product NameTypeRatingBuy
Yardmax YW7565Gas Powered4.8Buy Now
Earthquake 30520Gas Powered4.7Buy Now
PowerSmart PS 10Electric4.7Buy Now
Patriot Products CSV-2515Electric4.6Buy Now
DK2 PowerGas Powered4.5Buy Now
Sun Joe CJ602EElectric4.4Buy Now
Brush master CH 3M17Gas Powered4.4Buy Now
WEN411121 WoodElectric4.3Buy Now
Championship 100137Gas Powered4.2Buy Now
LawnMaster FD 1501Electric4.2Buy Now


Yardmax YW7565

1. Yardmax YW7565 – Our Top Pick

When it comes to home use, this gas powered chipper shredder from Briggs and Stratton Company always carries the day. What separated the Yardmax YW7565 from other chippers is that it can easily handle branches of 2 – 3 inches in diameter. This is thanks to its horsepower engine that emits 9.50 ft-lbs of power and, feeder tube that accommodates branches and figs that are not pruned.

It is simple to maintain with chipper shredders that can easily be accessed. It has a fuel tank capacity of 208cc making it fuel efficient. It has a warranty of 2 years for home users and three months for commercial users.


– Oversized funnel making handling of shredding material easy

– Made of steel, thus durable

– Easy to clean chipper blades

– Self-feeding chute

– Has inflatable wheels thus easy to manoeuvre in the garden

– Fuel efficient


– Struggles to cut wet branches

– Generates fumes and can be noisy

– Doesn’t come with safety guards for use

2. Earthquake Tazz 30520

This is a heavy duty gas powered chipper shredder with powerful cutting knives that can make little work of big branches. Its 4 cycle viper engine is strong enough to chip wood braches of up to 3 inches in diameter. For easy loading of debris to a vehicle, the Earthquake Tazz 30520 boasts of a 34 high steel hopper.

This machine furthermore has heavy knives that will easily shred your debris to the ratio of 1/20 meaning reduced debris collection volume. Having already been tested and proved to comply with the B71.6 safety standards, you can be sure of your safety when using it.

Earthquake 30520


– It has a reduction ratio of 20:1 meaning it works more effectively on branches.

– It has a vacuum kit and debris bag to manage shredded material

– Durable: made of stainless steel

– Is the lightest of the heavy duty gas shredders

– Has a warranty of 5 years , 2 years for the engine and 5 years  for body


– Its narrow easy to fall tires make it less stable.

– It is not good at shredding leaves.

Best Chipper Shredder

3. PowerSmart PS 10– Best Electric Chipper Shredder

This electric shredder is compact in design and can turn twigs, clippings and foliage into high grade mulch. One of its unique features is its hoper locking knob that prevents the shredders motor from being when it’s open.

Its small size and six inch wheels make it easy for a user to move or carry it around.With a cutting capacity of 15/8 inches and tow year warranty you are assured of a solid and consistent performance.


– Not expensive

– Light (33 pounds), thus easy to operate on dense garden surfaces

– Good for medium and small gardens

– Overload switch and locking knob for user safety

– Less noisy when in operation.


– Not suited for long hours usethus suitable for backyard than commercial use.

– The machine doesn’t come with safety package for users

4. Patriot Products CSV-2515 14 Amp– Best Wood Chipper Shredder

This American made machine is known for shredding twigs and branches of more than 2.4 inches into coin sized chips. Its electric powered motor is 14 amps and grinds twigs, branches and debris into a debris bag.

It is mostly used for handling large quantities of debris and this justifies its high price tag. To make this shredder work for you, then you will need a heavy-duty cord extension and 110 volt outlet

Best Chipper Shredder


– Can work for long hours.

– It weighs less than100 pounds and has two large wheels that enable it to easily manoeuvre around a dense garden setup.

– Produces no harmful gases while in operation

– Has been certificated and approval twice as one of the top-rated wood shredder


– Expensive

– Gets clogged when challenged to work on wet debris or branches that exceed 2.5  inches

– Its feeder tube cannot allow y-shaped branches to go through; unless they are cut into straight branches.

DK2 Power

5. DK2 Power Gas

Despite its hefty price tag, the Kohler 14 HP CH440 gas chipper shredder is a worthy shredder. Its reversible and dual 13 inch cutting blades and 6.25 diameter cutting capacity makes it ideal for dealing with huge barks and branches.

One unique feature about this shredder is that it has an inbuilt safety toolbox that has: working gloves, safety glasses, earplugs, tools, oil, to give you that safe and abode when operating it.

It has no problem operating in unlevelled ground thanks to its 36 inch wheels.

Once you get it to where you want it, you can just drop its handle and remove the tow bar with ease. The DK2chip chute pipe can rotate at 180 degrees making fine chips of all kind of debris. It is perfectly designed to allow easy loading of debris onto a pickup.It has a manual start.


– 3 year warranty

– Inbuilt safety toolbox

– Doesn’t easily clog

– Can devour logs of more than 5 inches


– Expensive

– Heavy (3950 pounds)

– Doesn’t come with a debris bag for loading

– Can be a little noisy

6. Sun Joe CJ602E

This electric shredder has a reduction ration of 17:1 meaning you will be able to shred bigger braches into finer debris. When you test its shredding capacity you will come to note that it can handle braches of 1.57 diameter including, brush clippings and shrubs.

The hoper safety feature on this wood shredder offers some protection to the user as when left open, the shredders motor doesn’t function.

Sun Joe CJ602E


– Its knife blades are reversible

– Has a locking knob that ensures the engine does not operate while open

– Warranty of 2 years


– Though removable, the safety start switch when not well kept well can get lost

– Doesn’t come with a debris bag

– For consistent performance the Sun Joe CJ602E will require one to buy a 12 gauge wire for the cords.

Brush master CH 3M17

7. Brush master CH 3M17 Wood Chipper– Best For Commercial Use

Also constructed from heavy steel, this chipper shredder is known for its power (11 horsepower). It is suitable for commercial use. It has a two side self-feeder chute and oversized funnel that can handle twigs and leaves of 4*3 inches in diameter.

Its blades are chromium steel with more than 15 hammers to chip and shred efficiently.


– Powerful engine: Shreds garden waste into quarter inch mulch which can be spread in the garden

– Built to last

– Has  a portable tow bar

– It converts waste into mulch


– It is harder to clean its insides because most of its parts are covered.

– If you have a small lawn then this shredders size would not be the best fit as it is big in size.

– Uses a lot of Gas

8. WEN411121 – Best Electric Wood Chipper

This is a compact, but powerful shredder that can turn your twigs and foliage into mulch. It has in addition, powerful seven inch blades that rotate at 8000 cuts per minute to take on most kind of wood branches; Its 115 amp power motor combine well with its spacious hoper to chop branches and sticks of up to 1.5 inches.

You additionally, don’t have to worry In case you leave the hopper open after use as it bears an automatic safety mechanism that prevents it from starting.Once you purchase it; the WEN 411121 comes with an interesting package that includes: a collection bag, pre-installed blades, replacementparts and push stick with on board storage. With its six inch wheels, 23.1 pounds weight disposition and handle, you will not have much problems in using and transporting it in between jobs.

WEN411121 Wood


– Lightweight

– 2 year warranty

– Comes with a collection bag


– Works on branches of not more than 1.5 inches

Best Chipper Shredder Reviewed

9. Championship 100137

This heavy duty shredder has a 338cc motor, 1.6 gallon tank and single cylinder OHV engine to provide enough chipping and shredding power. The shredder blade is 13.8 inches. This added to the two chipper blades and four hammers make the Championship 100137 cope well with twigs, leaves and debris.

This shredder also deals with debris of half an inch with the chipper able to cope with twigs and branches that are within the 3 inch in diameter. The additional two bushel bag eases the collection burden.


– The tyres don’t deflate

– Has a remove chipper cute to save storage space

– Can work for long because of the 70 litres debris holding bag

– Two year warranty and lifetime support

– Has a leg support and mount to help stabilize the machine


– Changing oil can be cumbersome.

– It shuts down before all its engine oil gets depleted.

10. LawnMaster FD 1501

With this 15 amp motor and one and half cutting diameter shredder you can turn your unwanted debris into mulch.This chipper shredder has a mulch ration capacity of 10:1 meaning for every 10 bags of debris you get one bag of chips.

With its 8 inch wheels and debris collection bag you can be sure of having less no stress in transporting your mulch from the machine to the garden. The LawnMaster also comes with a push stick to give you that peace of mind when fitting the sticks and branches into the shredder.There is an overload protector to ensure that the machine is not overloaded and thus works efficiently for you.

Top Rated 10 Best Chipper Shredder


– Lightweight

– Easy to set up

– Cheapest of the electric chippers

– Has inbuilt debris collection bag

– Easy to change blades

– Much Quieter than its counterparts


– Not suitable for bamboo chipper shredding

– Limited chipper shredding capacity for dry or knotted wood


As you think of which chipper shredder to choose from the already provided list, it is good to first think in terms of: the size of branches you plan to shred, volume of branches to shred and how frequent you plan to use it.

What to look for in a Chipper Shredder:

1. Volume and Type of Materials to be shredded

What kind of objects do you intend to shred in your garden or lawn. Small twigs and leaves are suited for small electric chipper shredders. For big branches and large volume debris, consider investing in a gas powered machine as they tend to have a bigger shredding capacity no to mentioned more energy efficient.

2. Is it a Gas or Electric Shredder?

Gas chipper shredders are powered by gas, more powerful, and hence can be operated anywhere. They are heavier than electric shredders. They are usually used in clearing large areas that require regular clearing of debris. Electric shredders on the other hand are limited in terms of range of operation.They weigh less and are easy to use.

3. Check Its Reduction Ratio

The shredder reduction ratio is the quantity of shredded debris that can come out of the machine. A higher shred reduction ratio means the chipper shredder shreds debris to finer chips. Furthermore, the more the number of blades a machine has, the finer and efficient the cutting action of the shredder.

4. Shredder Safety

The good news with current good chipper shredders in the market is that they are regulated to address customer safety concerns. So this should not be a huge concern for you. That said, to ensure your safety, always confirm from your dealers on the following:

  • Does the shredder come with a branch pusher, gloves or protective wear?

  • What are the safety procedures when operating the chipper shredder and when the shredder jams?

5. Noise Properties

Unfortunately at the moment there are no noiseless shredders in the market. You will therefore need to get contented with the current chipper shredders available for choice. That said if you are not willing to bear the noise of the clipper shredder consider buying Ear Protective gear for use.


6. Weight

The more powerful chipper shredders tend to be heavier in weight than the less powerful ones. Electric powered clipper shredders are lighter than the gas powered ones. The electric powered clipper shredders range between 5 to 10 kgs while the heavy ones are 40 kgs and above.

 7. Engine Power

Your shredding material will determine your engine power requirements. Thus High power engines are best suited for thicker   debris while less powered engine for thin small debris.

8. The Shredding Chute

A shredding cute allows a chipper shredder to shred even the smallest of debris. Thus the higher the shredding chute, the better the results.

9. Special offers and Features

Does your chipper come with a collection bag? Tool kit? Extra blades? Blower mechanism or quality flywheel?Knowing the answer to this questions will make your shredding or chipping experience better

 10. Maintenance

A good chipper shredder should be easy to maintain. It is therefore prudent to check on how easy it is to:

  • Replace its spare parts

  • Clean engine debris or unclog it

  • Repair it: you can check its warranty

  • Fuel it

  • Sharpen or replace the blades

Don’t forget to make your choice based on your budget.


It is clear from this review that the first important decision you will have to make when settling for a chipper shredder is to choose between an electric or gas powered one. That said, here are our final take on the best chipper shredders in the market:

For Commercial Use

  1. Earthquake TAZZ 30520- is a top pick for its high power, 5 year warranty and 4 cycle power viper engine.

  2. The Yardmax YW7565- is a solid option if you are looking for a powerful commercial/ home chipper shredder that loads easily and easy to clean after use.

  3. The DK2 Power- handles all safety concerns of the user an inbuilt safety toolbox to ensure safety during operation.

  1. The Brush Master CH 3m17- has 11 horsepower engine and portability thanks to its tow bar function.


For Home Use;

  1. PowerSmart PS 10- comes first for its suitability for small gardens. Its light weight, locking knob and overload switch makes it a safe choice for users.
  2. Patriot Products CSV-2515 14 Amp- Has good shredding consistency and low motor maintenance cost
  3. The Sun Joe CJ602E- less noisy in operation and zero on carbon emissions
  4. LawnMaster FD 1501- best for small branches and minimal shredding work.
  5. Championship 100137- very stable in operation
  6. WEN 411121- this chipper shredder comes with readily available replacement parts
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