10 Best Car Vacuums of 2022: Cordless Handheld Cleaners Reviews

Best Overall pick!

Best Overall: Dyson V6 Car + Boat

We all love our cars to be clean and Dyson V6 will help you exactly that. It is the ultimate cleaner that got it all. It comes with a bunch of really cool features but at a price. Go for it if you wish to have a car that always looks like day 1

Essential car maintenance goes far beyond what’s under your hood. Just as with a home, a clean car is a happy car, and keeping it clean always requires a vacuum.

Car vacuums come in many different shapes, sizes, and varieties, and with the countless buying options now available, finding the perfect one for your needs and budget can be a fairly big task.

In the market for a new vacuum, but don’t know where to start? We’ve done the work for you. Below, you’ll find our top picks for a number of different budgets, which include several different types of car cleaners as well.

Whether you’re looking to spend $20 or $200, there’s something for everyone. Read on to see our best car vacuums for 2022, including some helpful buying tips that will help make sure you end up with the perfect cleaner for your needs. Just a reminder, that we have also listed the best car air freshener and best car scratch movers.

10 Top Rated Car Vacuum Reviews

Product NameOur RatingWeightBuy

Dyson V6 Car + Boat



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Black and Decker CHV1410L


2.6 Lbs

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2.38 Lbs

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2.3 Lbs

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2.3 Lbs

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Armor All Car Vacuum


7 Lbs

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Dirt Devil Scorpion


3.75 Lbs

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HOTOR Car Vacuum


2.44 Lbs

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4.25 Lbs

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Tacklife Wet/Dry


8.4 Lbs

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Winner, Best Overall Car Vacuum: Dyson V6 Car + Boat

Dyson V6 Car + Boat

More expensive than the average vacuum cleaner? Yes.

The best car vacuum cleaner on the market? You bet.

The Dyson V6 is the ultimate cleaner for car for those in search of the best suction power, accessories, convenience, and versatility available. And while you’re paying a premium price, the results speak for themselves.

Everything starts with how the suction of the V6 is created. A two-tier radial cyclone system features two different vortexes inside the unit that come together to form an exceptionally strong suction force that doesn’t miss a thing.

The V6 is cordless, and uses a fade-free, lithium ion battery that keeps the unit running strong for over 20 minutes on a full charge. The battery’s engineering allows the V6 to maintain the same suction strength the entire time, avoiding the annoying power fade other vacuums often have.

Another feature worth noting is the boost mode that will provide an even more powerful suction as long as you press the button — very handy for stubborn dirt and debris that needs some extra attention.

The V6 also comes with an array of accessories and attachments, including an extension hose, a crevice tool, a dusting brush, a brush that loosens dried dirt, and a mini motorized tool that’s ideal for picking up pet hair and smaller debris. You have everything you need to clean every part of the car.

The Dyson V6 weighs a little over 3 lbs, and has a good weight distribution and handle & trigger setup to make vacuuming easy and comfortable. Emptying the bagless unit is simple as it gets — just push a button, and the bottom hatch opens to let the contents out into a trash can.

The Dyson V6 Car + Boat is worth every penny. You get a high amount of performance and quality, exceptional power, all the attachments you need, and a number of conveniences that make cleaning fast and effective. This is the ultimate car sweeper for those willing to spend the money.

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Runner Up + Best Cordless Car Vacuum: Black and Decker Car Vacuum CHV1410L

Black and Decker Car Vacuum CHV1410L

For those who want a top-tier car vacuum, but still want to keep the price reasonable, the Black+Decker CHV1410L is the perfect choice. It offers a solid amount of suction power, long battery life, and some choice attachments that expand its versatility.

While this Vac isn’t marketed specifically as a vacuum cleaner for car, it definitely can be. The combination of a small size, a bagless dirt compartment, low weight, and cordless power all make it ideal for quick car cleaning in an instant.

The CHV1410L uses cyclonic action to create a vortex that rotates dirt and sediment away from the filter inside, which allows the suction power to remain strong and consistent the entire time you’re using it. A lithium battery keep the power at the same level as long as it has a charge.

The vacuum’s Smart Charge Technology lets you charge it up and leave it in your trunk or cargo area without worrying about being dead when you need to use it. The battery can hold a charge for up to 18 months at a time, so it’s always ready to go.

A washable filter allows for quick cleaning by simply rinsing it off in the sink. Also, the CHV1410L does come with a brush attachment, as well as a crevice attachment that rotates, so you have some added help for tight spots, and stubborn dirt that needs some extra attention.

Honestly, this is also an excellent hand vacuum to keep around the house whenever the situation calls for it, so it has double use. For the price, the Black+Decker CHV1410L offers the most value, while still being affordable for the majority of buyers. If the Dyson is too expensive for your tastes, this is a great option.

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Winner, Best Budget Car Vacuum: LOLLDEAL Portable Vacuum Cleaner

LOLLDEAL Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Not everyone feels like spending a good amount of money on a car vac. If you’re trying to keep things around the $20 range, and don’t want to end up with some cheap, barely effective car vac, this portable vacuum from LOLLDEAL is the best one you’ll find.

The 12-volt, 75 watt offers an adequate amount of suction that is enough to pick up the dirt and debris in your car without a lot of effort. The cord can plug into the cigarette lighter outlet in the car, and with the 14 foot cord, you should have more than enough slack to easily reach any part of your interior. The ease of maneuverability despite being a corded cleaner make it one of the best corded car vacuums currently in the market.

The vac’s HEPA filter is fully removable, so you can clean it by running water over it, getting rid of any dust and dander that’s stuck, and also eliminating lingering odors. The included filter should last for several years before getting close to the need for replacement.

The LOLLDEAL comes with a storage bag, and two different attachments for easier cleaning, which includes a a brush head for loosening dirt and picking up small debris, and an extended crevice head for getting in between seats, cushions, and other small spaces.

As long as you don’t need a battery-powered vacuum cleaner of car, the LOLLDEAL portable vac offers an impressive amount of performance and convenience for the price. And while it may not be ideal for deep cleaning, it’s perfect for maintenance, and can handle moderate-sized messes as well.

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Runner Up + Best Portable Car Vacuum: Onshowy Portable Handheld Auto Dustbuster

Onshowy Portable Handheld Auto Dustbuster

This portable handheld auto dustbuster from Onshowy is the most inexpensive car vac on the market, and despite the incredibly low price, it has a surprising amount of quality and performance, which includes all the typical accessoires as well — and all for under $20.

This vac is 75 watts, and plugs into a 12V car outlet, so no worries about keeping it charged. The cord itself is almost 15 feet in length, which should be more than enough to reach any part of your car, truck, SUV, boat, or whatever else.

The vac uses cyclonic suction action to keep things not only consistent, but very quiet as well. The suction power is more than enough to suck up a variety of common dirt and debris, including pet hair, leaves, dirt, and food pieces. It’s suction capability makes it the best car vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

The standard duck-billed nozzle is great for standard cleaning for larger spaces, and the vac also comes with a dirt brush and crevice tool to help out with all the other parts of your vehicle’s interior. A handy storage bag keeps the vac and attachments contained and protected when not in use.

Rather than a bag, the vac uses a standard HEPA filter that is reusable, and very easy to clean when needed.

Anyone that wants to spend the least amount of money possible for a quality car sweeper will be perfectly satisfied with the Onshowy Car Vacs. It does everything it needs to, and it costs less than a two movie tickets.

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Winner, Best Vacuum Cleaner for Car Under $30: Hikeren


The Hikeren Car Vacuum Cleaner may be less than $30, but it could easily sell for twice as much and still be a great value. It provides a number of uses for different types of messes, and utilizes high-quality parts that improve its performance and effectiveness.

This vac has substantial power for its size and cost, using 106 watts through its 12V connection. Despite the high power, the vac still stays below 75 db, so its not grating on your ears to use. Also, the power and design make the unit suitable for both wet and dry vacuuming, so it’s much more versatile than similar models in the price range.

Like any good portable car vac, this model uses a HEPA filter, but instead of the typical plastic housing and design, this one uses a stainless steel housing that gives it extended durability and effectiveness, while also helping keep the sound level lower.

Another unique aspect of this car vac is its use of an LED light. With the push of a button, the light illuminates the cleaning area so you don’t miss anything. This is especially helpful in crevices and under seats.

The vac comes with the two standard attachments (a brush and a crevice tool,) and also includes a long, flexible attachment that can help you clean areas that a basic crevice tool can’t. A storage bag is included with each purchase, giving you an easy way to keep everything together and secure.

It really is impressive what you can get for the price of the Hikeren Car Vacuum Cleaner. $30 isn’t too much for most buyers, so if that’s your limit, and you want a conventional handheld car vac that can address both wet and dry messes, this is the best choice, hands down.

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Runner Up + Best Vacuum for Car Interior: Armor All Car Vacuum Gallon Utility

Armor All Car Vacuum Gallon Utility

Portable car vacuums are great and all, but the majority of them are not able to give your car that deep-cleaned, car wash vacuum level of performance that can get your interior looking like the day you got the vehicle.

For the people that want car wash vacuum cleaning performance but don’t want to leave their own driveway, the Armor-All Gallon Utility is a viable solution — and it’s right around $30. You not only get value, but deep cleaning ability that handheld models simply can’t equal.

Armor All uses a large 2.5 gallon polyurethane tank to capture both dry and wet messes, giving you all the room you need to get every last bit of dirt, debris, and spillage out of your car. The unit itself is still quite portable, and houses all of the attachments and accessories within the base.

A 10-foot cord gives you easier access to AC outlets nearby, and the cord wraps around when not in use. A 6-foot long, 1.25 inch diameter hose provides flexibility and extended reach, which is furthered by the many different attachments includes, such as a crevice tool, brush, air vent brush, and blower nozzle.

A reusable foam filter and sleeve give the unit added longevity, and are both very simple to clean in just a few minutes.

It really doesn’t get any more effective or simpler than the Armor-All Gallon Utility. For a fair price, you get substantial cleaning power that can take on any mess inside your car, and even your home when needed as well. This makes it suitable as both a main vac, and as a compliment to a smaller, handheld model.

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Runner Up + Best Battery Vacuum for Car: Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip

Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip

Not every car owner needs a fancy, complicated handheld vacuum to keep their car looking good inside in between proper deep cleans. The Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip is a fast, simple, and is the best handheld vacuum for car.

This unit performs well inside the home, and is just as effective in your vehicle as well. The Scorpion is one of the smallest and most lightweight handheld vacuums you can buy, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in power.

A 7 amp motor generate plenty of suction power, and you have more than enough to quickly capture loose dirt and debris inside your car, whether that’s on the floorboards, or on the seats. A hand quick flip crevice tool can instantly give the unit a small tapered end you can use in between cushions, under seats, or anywhere else that requires pinpoint accuracy.

The Scorpion is not battery powered, but it does have a 16 foot cord that allows for lots of freedom of movement, and negates the needs to be right by a power outlet. The unit is bagless, and quickly cleans up after use.

Overall, the Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip gives you a respected brand name handheld vac that is excellent inside the home and car. At just around $25, it’s one of the better deals you’ll see for a vacuum this versatile.

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More Great Choices:

HOTOR Car Vacuum

HOTOR Car Vacuum

The HOTOR starts with a familiar handheld design, and then dresses it up with quality components and a number of accessories and features that help push it into the realm of the top 10 best car vacs you can find.

This compact, lightweight unit is rather sharp looking, and includes a transparent tank so you can see when it’s full. It uses 106 watts of power via a 12V connection in any standard cigarette lighter outlet, which ensures convenience and avoids the needs for an AC outlet or extension cord.

The HOTOR’s high amount of power gives it better efficiency with its suction abilities, and can lift up items weighing up to 16 ounces with its sheer suction force. As you can imagine, this translates well into how it performs on dirt and debris.

The unit comes with a number of attachments to help you get inside crevices, loosen dirt, and get to any hard to reach areas without having to have the unit right up close. The filter can detach and be rinsed out in just a few seconds, giving it even more convenience.

An LED light gives you better vision, and comes in handy when you’re cleaning under the seats, in a glovebox, or really anywhere else where light is limited during use.

There’s a reason why it is so popular. The HOTOR Car Vacuum can be had for a little over $30, which is a very attractive price when considering all that it can do.

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BLACK+DECKER BDH1200FVAV: A Powerful Car Vacuum


BLACK+DECKER are well known for making quality vacuums of all types and sizes, so it’s no surprise that they make our list twice. This time, it’s the BDH1200FVAV. Designed specifically for vehicles, it has a number of innovations and conveniences that increase its versatility and overall performance for any dry messes in your car.

The first thing you’ll notice about the BDH1200FVAV is its unusual look. The curved overhead positioning of the suction head and tube allows the unit to be used both as a typical handheld model, and as a portable vacuum with an extended hose option that reaches up to 4 extra feet.

The BDH1200FVAV plugs into any 12V outlet in your car, and has a 16 foot long retractable cord for better reach. The high powered cyclonic suction action creates a powerful effect that easily ensnares whatever the head comes in contact with.

The head of the hose has an extendable crevice tool, and also a detail brush you can use to loosen up stubborn dirt, or sweep across areas like your air vents and console. Emptying the dust bowl could not be any easier — just open the side hatch, turn the unit sideways, and it all comes out into your trashcan.

The BLACK+DECKER BDH1200FVAV is compact, simple, and performs exceptionally well with any part of your interior. At just around $40, it provides buyers with a capable and convenient vacuum that is suitable for both in-between cleanings, and moderately deeper cleans.

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Tacklife Wet/Dry : Best Vacuum for Car Detailing

Tacklife Wet Dry

If commercial-level car cleaning is what you’re after, the Tacklife Wet/Dry Vacuum is probably for you. This massively powerful unit provides superior cleaning ability that gives car owners the means for getting their interior just as clean as the detailing pros that charge the same price as the vacuum itself.

Tacklife has a giant 5 gallon tank capacity, and as the name suggests, it’s effective for both dry and wet messes. A 5.5 horsepower motor offers incredible suction power that will not miss even the smallest particles. Casters on the bottom make moving the unit to and from your car easy, and much more preferable to having to carry it.

Tacklife’s power cord can reach up to 13 feet away, and the base of the hose extends up to 7 feet without attachments . As for extras, the vac comes with a floor brush, a wider suction nozzle that’s’ perfect for seats and floors, and a smaller head that is ideal for services.

An intricate filtration system is used to boost performance and make cleanup even easier. This includes a cyclone diversion filter that ensures consistent suction power, an extra thick dust filter, and a silencer sponge that is actually placed around the motor to capture any dust particles that may otherwise find their way inside.

The Tacklife Wet/Dry makes it easy to get professional-style cleaning from a home unit. At just under $60, it’s an easy way to cut down your car cleaning expenses, letting you detail your car’s interior in your own driveway — no appointment necessary.

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Aspects to Be Mindful of When Choosing a Car Vacuum

Not all the best car vacuums same. Here are some common characteristics to be aware of during the buying process, to better ensure you end up with the one that actually meets your needs.


Car vacuums often come in a few varieties. You have the smaller, handheld models that are basically dust busters, larger versions that often have extensions and more capabilities, and the larger, less mobile units that are often wet/dry vacs that you station outside your car, and then use various attachments to clean inside.

For the most part, the larger units have more cleaning power, but have the drawback of not being as portable. Larger units can also usually handle wet messes as well, and enable cleaning similar to what you get when you drop your car off at an auto detailer or cleaning service.

Smaller units can be kept in the car for quick cleaning when accidents happen, and are better off for maintenance cleaning and emergencies, but there are some that have an added measure of capability and power, and are equally on par with bigger units.

Power Source

With car vacs, you have three options: AC plugin, 12V plugin, and battery-powered. AC plugins are usually for larger units, while 12V and battery-powered models are often reserved for smaller, handheld varieties.


Attachments and accessories can make a big difference in how well the vacuum cleans. If you’re using a smaller handheld model, odds are it will be limited as to where you can use it. Many models come with swappable cleaning heads and extension hoses that provide more versatility.

Try to look for models that have at least a brush attachment, and a crevice tool you can use to get in between seat cushions and into smaller areas where the main suction head can’t reach.

Lights, retractable cords, and additional attachments are always nice to have as well.

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