Benefits of Carpet Grooming: 3 Reasons to Use Rug Rakes

A carpet is the easiest makeover a room can get. You can buy one in the funkiest and most sombre colors, lay them out straight, obtuse or even on a wall, and the entire vibe in your room transforms from one that spells moroseness to you to something exciting. A rug or a carpet are the easiest way to give your room some character and vision.

More than just looking nice, a good carpet or rug can influence the whole appeal of a room. Small rooms, for example, can look even smaller if they have a giant carpet laid on the floor. There are people who use carpets and rugs to separate dining areas from the living space, especially when the two are structurally one giant lobby in the house. A carpet draped on a wall can make it look more cozy, but in a stuffy room will make things look overcrowded and even ugly. Carpets with patterns can influence everything from the lighting to the tone of the room.

benefits of carpet grooming

With so much that carpets can do, it is a shame people don’t pay adequate attention to their carpets. Well, none of that anymore. You need to get a carpet rake and a vacuum cleaner and give your rugs and carpets a pampering.

A lot of people have vacuum cleaners lying around the house and so they think it’s going to be easy to just run the upholstery tool over the carpet and call it a day. Well guess what. You need to do more. A rug rake can do a lot of stuff a vacuum cleaner just can’t. Here are just 3 things a rug rake can help you with.

Getting Rid of Bugs, Mites and Insects

Getting Rid of Bugs

Vacuuming should get a good part of these out, right? Wrong! You’ll be surprised just how much dust and grime is left behind even after vacuuming. Nobody pays any attention to it because the top surface looks clean.

The teeth of the rug rake go deeper than the suction of the vacuum cleaner. They dig through the coalesced fabric and open out regions for dry air, heat and sunlight to penetrate, which makes vacuuming, steaming and sunning out carpets much more effective.

Raking the carpet immediately after vacuuming can help you kill bugs too, since a lot of moisture pockets in the rug are let open to the dry air which makes them less hospitable for bacteria and mites.

10 Best Carpet Rakes to Ease Down the Burden of Rug Cleaning 10 Best Carpet Rakes to Ease Down the Burden of Rug Cleaning
Food particles, pet fur, and dirt accumulates in carpet fibres and can be almost impossible to remove with your regular set of cleaning tools.

Free From Allergens and Odors

Free From Allergens and Odors

A lot of allergens can be found in an everyday carpet. This is further enhanced if you have a pet, since their dander and the dirt they can track in is not always cleaned thoroughly from the carpet. A lot of people clean their muddy, dander-clad carpets by soaping up their carpets, agitating the surface and then sucking out the moisture with a water-compatible vacuum cleaner. It’s a pretty good method, but it’s not thorough. Not to mention, a wet carpet can smell horrible and also be hard to dry indoors.

A rug rake works much better. There are rake heads designed specially for pet hair and dander that can pick out hair with just a swipe, without needing any water to be applied to them. It can be a lifesaver if you have someone coming over who’s allergic to your domesticated beast.

Bad odors from carpets often come because the surface has notched up a certain way after use and after absorbing moisture from a spill or just the damp air has become a breeding ground for bacteria and even mold. It can even cause rots in your carpet and reduce its life, neither of which are very good for your carpet’s longevity. Using a rake to even out the surface can prevent that ugliness.

Quick Way to Uplift your Interiors

A carpet cleaning solution does work to make things look good, but it can cause the carpet surface to become starchy and crunch underweight, or it can be too inconvenient to clean your carpet with a solution on the day you’re expecting someone to come over. For the former, adding a small amount of fabric softener can help with the crunchiness. In both cases, however, a good raking of the carpet or rug can really make the rug look as good as when you first bought it.

There is so much more a good raking can do for your carpet or rug. Given how prominent they are to contemporarily styled interiors, taking good care of your rugs can make your house a lot healthier and more beautiful to look at. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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