If You Are A Serious Gamer Then Amped RTA 2600 Is For You!!

Online gaming needs a good internet connection, that can be hard to manage with most routers. If that’s an issue you face frequently, Amped RTA 2600 is made for you!

There is no dearth of gaming platforms, but they all require a good WiFi or internet connection. How do you go about using the Amped RTA2600 to speed your connection to get better gaming experience with your friends? All of that and more to find out in the article below.

The design

Amped RTA 2600

With four removable Antennae, the Amped 2600 looks like a beauty straight from geek heaven. The jagged, perforated edges and surfaces are really cool. At the same time, it isn’t too artistically designed so as to make it difficult to figure out the top from the bottom. The black matte surface gels with every sort of setting.

The icons have been paid attention to as well. Buttons and ports at the back are accessible too. We think keeping the distance between the LAN ports and the USB port was pretty neat. But we’re not giving it any extra points for it; a router in this price range should have this little stuff figured out properly.

The only problem is that the LED On/Off button and the 1-Touch setup button are located right next to each other, which makes you wary of switching off the LED light indicators lest you press its neighbor. Though there is a difference in size, it could have been better arranged.

Most reviews online only show the front and back panels for judging the Amped RTA2600 on. But there’s a pretty neat USB 3.0 port for storage on the side along with the USB 2.0 at the back.


Since hardware specifications tend to be so difficult to understand, we thought it’d be better to break this up into simpler terms and compare the details with what the market generally offers.

Right off the bat, the Wireless technology is pretty standard, with the usual 802.11 technology operating at the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. It’s pretty routine to have such specifications. Nothing special here. The processor is a 1.4 GHz Dual Core Qualcomm. Usually, multiple cores in processors are a good thing. The next version iteration of the same product has bettered this further with a Quad-Core processor operating at 1.3 GHz.

Amped RTA 2600

The Antennae are pretty decent as well, being High Gain 5dBi. You have 512 MB DDR3 memory, which is slightly better than the competition. Coupled with the 128 MB Flash memory, it’s not a bad combo at all. The amplifiers and the ports are pretty standard as well.

In summation, there’s a lot of meat in this router, but the general performance and the price quoted does dull the sheen quite a bit. I guess that’s why they brought out the R2 at a significantly lower price.

What Works?

  • The Amped RTA 2600 Router delivers what it promises. Speed is boosted significantly when you switch to this device from your average router.
  • The stylish design makes the piece gel with most settings, whether on a table or mounted on the wall.
  • There are 4 Antennae, all being removable, which gives considerable room for accommodation of more and more users on the network, as well as eliminating areas in the house where there is little WiFi coverage or strength.

What Isn’t Working?

  • Simply put, the price is not proper. Asking close to $300 (including shipping and installation) on Amazon is too much, frankly.
  • While the device does help eliminate low WiFi strength, it does so only close to the router. You’ll have to look further if you want to get better distance as well. OR maybe consider installing a cheap WiFi Range extender device.

The Amped RTA 2600 R2 makes for a better deal given its $60 drop in price. But if you’re looking to get a device with a better establishment in the market, the Amped RTA 2600 will serve your purpose very effectively.

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