7 Most Common Posture Mistakes and 9 Ways to Get the Right Posture

Bad body posture is identified as one of the main reasons for excessive muscle strain, affecting almost 70% of the millennials. Over time, our spinal health deteriorates and the natural support system of our bodies is hugely compromised with. Since our schedules aren’t free from incessant activities and we really don’t pay attention to how we’re sitting or standing, the pain in the muscles aggravates and results in a backache that may last for a lifetime.

If you haven’t pandered to the whims of your hectic lifestyles yet, we’ve mentioned the most common mistakes you commit on a daily basis, and 9 remedial measures to destress your body. Check them out.

7 Most Common Posture Mistakes

7 Most Common Posture Mistakes and 9 Ways to Get the Right Posture

1. Our bodies are better when in constant movement. However, owe it to the pressures of the jobs, we end up hunching and slouching over our desks for more hours than recommended, and burdening our spines. We people often fail to comprehend the necessity of giving our bodies the respite they need by sitting and working for inordinate periods.

2. Most often, it’s seen that people, while talking on the phone or sending texts, bend one side or slouch ahead a little, rendering extra pressure on the spine and the neck.

3. While sitting in a car or a train, people move upward and backward when the brakes are applied and released. These inertias of motion riddle your body with extra strain, as it tries to keep your balance right and intact on your seat, which takes a toll on your spine mechanism.

4. People tend to wear weighty backpacks or purses over the same side of the shoulder, which encumbers spine and the muscles of the neck region.

5.  Week feet is a serious health condition, and funny that how people don’t even realize it for their whole lives. It’s a condition when muscles in and around the foot region lack sufficient support to provide you the much-required arch support. This causes ‘serial distortion’, which hamstrings the spine support system of your body.

6. While working on computers, we’re constantly twisting our arms, necks and spine forward to reach out to the keyboards or mice, which results in excessive pressure on these parts. If left untreated, it can seriously stiffen the spine flexibility and cripple your body.

7. If you’re stressed, your shoulders become taut and disfigure your facial and spine muscles. Stress doesn’t only affect these parts of your body, but also wrecks the efficient body posture, leaving you in serious slouch pain.

Now that you know what’s affecting your spinal health on a daily basis, here’s a checklist of remedial steps you must implement to retrieve your stout support system. Though there are a plenty of solutions to be on the healthier side, we’ve rounded up some.

The best 9 ways to get the right posture and overcome the physical constraints


1. Stretching your body is a boon to your physical constitution. It’s extremely effective if there has occurred any imbalance in the muscles of the body. As for the primer, do stretches to invigorate the muscles in and around your chest, forearms, biceps and hips. Try lunges for improved strength and flexibility.

desk exercise

2. Abandon your sitting desks immediately. Get a standing one instead, so as to provide more movement to your body and make it supple in action. To get your muscles ameliorated and enhance blood circulation, perform desk exercises, like deep breathing and seated cat-cow.


3. Slow breathing involving your chest and belly does wonder to your dilapidated body posture. Here’s how you can do it – breathe in slowly until your belly puffs up. Hold on in a way that your tongue rests against the roof of the mouth. Now, breathe out slowly. This is a significant exercising pattern to snip the strain out of your muscles and relax them.

firm exercise

4. Give a firm exercise to the upper part of the body while accommodating exercises like rowing or pulling in your schedule. Meanwhile, do more of seated rows or standing rows, and mild push-ups instead of going tough on yourself and doing those exhaustive, press-type exercises.

computer posture

5. Computers are pretty straining all the time and frustrate our muscles. Why not turning the digital spot into your ergonomic hub, instead? Position the monitor in a way that it parallels your eyes in a straight line. Plus, make requisite amends to your seating patterns to have your elbows and wrists straight at 90-degree angles.

stand posture

6. While standing, make sure that your body weight comes right within the middle part of the feet. This will help in reducing strain while standing, mitigating any pain in your back region whatsoever.

shoulder exercise

7. To give a holistic touch to your body, it’s necessary that you should do these highly effective movements. In a first, roll your shoulders down and back. Next, pull your elbows back to reach your pant pockets. By doing so, you’ll be pressing your scapula up against the ribs, which will help destress your neck, spine, arms, shoulders and lower back region.


8. Bring certain props, like lumbar support pillows and seat wedges, to use and heal your aching back. Doing so, you’ll be providing the requisite support to your spinal curves and trimming down the posture stress.


9. The important part, which shouldn’t be shunned, is to take a consultation from a doctor, who will provide you with the required information as to how to make proper postures of body. Your doctor knows better about your health than you do.

Maintaining good posture is one of the best-line-of-attack measures to get over that troubling and highly discomforting back pain. Hope, these guidelines help you improve your posture throughout the day. Wishing great health for you, now and ever!

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