Factors To Consider While Purchasing 3D Printing Pens For Kids

If 3D printing has ever excited the life out of you, 3D Printing Pens are sure to give you a rush.

3D Printing Pens feel more like a moment of future, experienced in the present. The catch in itself looks cheering – creating digital models with hand maneuverers, sans any computer controls. You can produce the same effects as that of a 3D printer, but you steer the pen tool manually.

Now, invest your thoughts into the fact that 3D Printing Pens emit heat to melt a plastic surface, and by all probability, the magnitude of such heat is far from the standard measure. Moreover, these tools are widely used by the kids as well, and they are directly exposed to the high-degree heat, which is where, a careful intervention needs to jump in to keep the untoward occurrences at bay.

Sanity says, one should always weigh up the utility and safety of 3D Printing Pens on many a parameter to ensure that the kids are safe. Factors like temperature/heat controls, types of filaments, age restrictions, and availability of others accessories, must be crosschecked, in order to buy the best product of the lot.

Here, we are rounded up several crucial factors, which must be deeply deliberated upon, before buying a 3D Printing Pen for your child.

The Age Bracket


As we know, needs spell out differently for everyone. While a 15-YO child might find it comfortable, handling a high-end plastic filament 3D pen, a pre-schooler may opt for the one with cool ink. The suitability of every type of 3D Printing Pen varies from person to person, and that’s where, age restrictions play a bigger role. These are also necessary to lessen the likelihood of a future damage.

The Inclusion of 3D Stencils


We would be waffling on the significance of stencils if we put out words for it. It’s no brainer how kids keep on scribbling and doodling out of margins without stencils – a stationary piece that charts out a page route where pens can move to create a picture that ticks well with the understanding. And, with tools as attention-commanding as 3D printer pens that involve aspects susceptible to dangers, stencils are a must-have. You must always choose 3D printer pens, which come with stencils. Not only do they control the hand movements on the surface, but also stimulate the creative energies in kids.

The Safety Matrix

Safety Matrix 3D PEN

With 3D Printing Pens, one cannot go on without any care in the world. Since the mechanism of this tool pivots around the extreme heat to liquefy plastic, it’s imperative to draw up the merits of the 3D printing pen with respect to its security makeup. Before choosing one’s proposition, features like Ceramic Nozzle, Wireless Operation and Auto Shut-Off must be given a decisive thought of mind. As it’s said, security doesn’t come cheap, and when you’re considering to buy something, it should be of terrific value.

The Accompanying Accessories

Accompanying Accessories

Choose a 3D Printing Pen, which doesn’t leave you in lurch when you need the accompanying accessories like real quick. Filaments and ink cartridges are a regular need with 3D printing pens, and that’s when you need to ensure that you can avail yourself of these constant supplies as easy as possible. Online stores are where you can quickly heed towards, but only if you find anything that’s compatible with your pen. Point, no?

End Notes

3D printing pens are a thing to fetch if you need your kids to go spectacular with their 3D art projects. However, there’s no loss to take up a study to choose the best in the class. Hope, this guide covers your questions and dilemmas about 3D printing pens, through and through.

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