11 Astonishing Reasons, To Shave Off Your Beard NOW!!!

Beards are beards, you know? You can grow them out, you can shave them off completely, or you can have them stay a certain length depending upon how you like your appearance. However, there are pros and cons to everything.

Beards are great for the most part. But some things about them are just not cool. In fact ,they’re bad enough to make you want to shave them right off. Here are some of those reasons.

Why shaving off your beard is the best thing you can do.

1. Beards get Itchy

Beards get Itchy

Beards are giant blobs of hair. Of course they get itchy. Have you ever tilted your head downwards and felt a few sharp bristles poke at your skin? It’s the beard, unless you’ve been smuggling needles in your stache. That much hair is sure to accumulate heat as well, and make you itch. You know what else heat does to you? It makes you irritable. The next time you find yourself being unreasonably angry with the world, it could be your beard’s fault. You’re not supposed to take that sort of stress.

2. Pimples and Skin infections

Pimples and Skin infections

The heat brings sweat, and the warm, moist conditions that form close to your skin thanks to your beard are like luxury suites to bacteria. Don’t be surprised if you find your skin breaking out in pimples or some other sort of bumps under your mane. Washing your beard and drying it out completely doesn’t guarantee not having pimples or infections either. Plus, if the skin gets really bad, your doctor might need to shave your beard off to take a closer look. So why not get rid of it yourself?

3. Maintenance costs

Maintenance costs

Contrary to what people think, growing a beard and maintaining it costs you. A lot. You can’t just walk around with an unkempt mane. Bed beard is a fashion disaster. You need to wash your facial hair just like hair on your head. You need to oil it, gel it, style it, trim it, condition it, make sure the skin underneath is healthy. If you’re keeping a beard to save money on shaving product, the best you’ll be able to come up with are hobo beards. It’s not the kind that attracts the ladies, my man.

4. Needs time

Needs time

Beards not just require money to be maintained properly, they also need adequate time and attention. Add an elaborate beard routine to your rushed mornings, are you sure it’s a good idea?

5. Unattractive


Beards are a really specific taste for most. Not all women get the appeal. And certainly, most platonic situations don’t give you much profit for having a beard. In fact, many corporations and organisations have cultures that look down upon facial hair just as much as tattoos. Beards may appear manly and sportive to you, but they might perceive it as unkempt, uncaring and even belligerent. That’s not a healthy image to maintain.

6. Getting your food pass through a filter is so 2007

Really. I get the appeal of having a nice handlebar, but why keep a long flowing Santa Claus-esque facial hair that gets to taste your pudding before you do? It is most inappropriate for when you’re eating cereal with milk and your beard continues to drip droplets of milk till you wipe it out. It’s just too cumbersome. And it only gets worse with the longer it grows

7. Interferes In Kissing

Interferes In Kissing

If someone’s leaning over to kiss you, they are expecting soft lips to rest on theirs. A crop of hair is an unwelcome interference, to say the least. If they wanted to kiss you over the hair, they’d have kissed you on the hand, or the eyebrow, or your scalp. Kisses on the mouth are meant to be free from hairy interruptions. Plus, imagine the sort of grime that collects on your beard that we talked about in the previous points. They might be unaware of it, but as a respectable lover, you shouldn’t want that in their mouth where it can become something it shouldn’t be allowed to.

8. Smelly


It’s just a fact. Beards can be very smelly. Granted, they are meant to disperse those sweet sweet sex pheromones, but there’s more than just those odors they let loose into the air around. The longer and bushier your beard, the more heat and moisture it traps inside. The smell is just the bacteria farting their happy gasses while feeding on the moisture, helped by your body heat. And those smells can secretly turn off people who get close to you. A neat and tidy face could be the only thing you need to make you a ladies magnet. Plus, nothing that keeps your lips from those of the one leaning in to kiss you.

9. Unprofessional


Professional dressing and presentation often make it necessary to have your facial hair in control. And while many work cultures will let you off if it is sufficiently trimmed back, most other work cultures frown on facial hair. Keeping a long beard can make you come off as unpresentable, which can cost you work projects that require you to be in the public eye as a company representative. Even if it is not seen as belligerent as we talked about earlier, beards can make people seem too dominating, which is not always a desirable quality.

10. There’s good products available

If your excuse has been that there were few products that suited your skin and lay in your prefered price range, you really need to make a trip to the store for some supplies. There’s so many quality products you can find on your average supermarket’s shelves, and it only gets better when you consider the competition that exists among products online. There’s gotta be a store or website with a discount price on a shaving foam of your choice.

11. It is the cheapest makeover available

Bored with your look? It’s easy to, considering there are so many options out there and having a beard is largely restrictive in the sorts of looks you can sport. Get the face bush shaved, and you can be sure you’ll get a few heads turning all around you.

Aren’t these reasons enough? Get that beard off your face already, bro!

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